10 Hilarious, Weird & Helpful Glitches That Made Video Games Better

LOL July 4, 2017 By Vincent

Usually, when you are talking about a glitch in a video game, it is a part of programming that has not been included or causes other problems for different features in the game. Sometimes they can be game breaking and often ruin the experience, or at least detract from it, of playing the actual game.

However, every now and then, these glitches can make the game considerably better, either through unintended hilarity or usefulness to the player. Here we take a look at a few of those.

1. Bomb Arrows - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

The Zelda franchise has become one of the biggest and most iconic in gaming down the years but that doesn't mean it hasn't had its fair share of problems either and this includes glitches and one of the most prominent ones was in Link's Awakening where it transpired it was possible to fire bombs across the screen like arrows. You can do this by equipping bombs in one slot and the bow in the other.

Image: Daniel Garrido/Flickr.com

This became such a popular and useful glitch exploited by gamers that bomb arrows then became part of the canon and are now included as an item in all other games.

2. Shortcuts - Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart is another Nintendo franchise that has seemingly been around forever but it was its iteration on the Nintendo 64 that gave gamers some of the most legendary glitches that could help them win a race by knowing exactly where these occurred.

Image: George Tremoulis/Flickr.com

On the Wario Stadium track, you could ram the left stadium wall in a precise spot, near the beginning of the race, allowing your racer to bounce over and land much further along the track. If you were adept enough you could then do this again and complete the course in a matter of seconds. Another track where this tactic could be exploited was Rainbow Road where you could drive through a hole in the barrier before the first turn and land on a part of the track below that was further along but you had to hit it just right or you'd plunge into the abyss and be further behind. Later games now program in specific shortcuts for you to find.

3. Landsharks - Crysis

The island survival shooter put you in many perilous situations in order to test your character with the environment, landscapes and animals within them all proving to be extremely dangerous at times but one glitch made survival even more extreme if unintentionally hilarious.

Image: Tom Francis/Flickr.com

In certain cases, if nearby water and a shark had spotted you, it would head straight for you but the glitch meant that these aquatic beasts could now float out of the water and straight at your land-bound character.  

4. Flying Men - Red Dead Redemption

The epic open world cowboy game was immensely grand in scope and size and thus immensely popular too but when it launched on PC, it has a minor problem with some of the non-playable characters (NPCs) in that they were programmed to act like some of the animals.

Image: Kyaw25/Flickr.com

This became a super strange phenomenon when you saw a man flapping his arms and soaring across the sky like an eagle whilst you stood there and wondered what was in your last drink you had.

5. MissingNo - Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow

Anyone who has played the Pokemon games will know that, at certain stages, the infuriating amount of times Pokemon randomly spawn can drive you insane and this is down to the Pokemon data of the area just cropping up at random.

Image: technobuffalo.com

In a strange glitch that occurred in the original Pokemon games, there was an area where there was no Pokemon data at all and so, after talking to an old man about catching Pokemon and then surfing the coastline, you would trigger a Pokemon made of completely random data. You could, in theory, catch it but this would more often than not crash the game, however, it's arrival did increase the quantity of the sixth item in your bag by 128 and so the more savvy gamers out there would farm this glitch for infinite items.

6. Duplicate Items - Diablo

Another game where you could easily duplicate items for the advantage of your character was Diablo and the steps to do so were far easier than most as well. All you had to do was drop an item on the ground then walk over it to pick it up again.

Image: resumbrae.com

At the moment you picked it up, select something else in your inventory and you will duplicate the item you've just picked up thus making your character stronger and giving them an unlimited supply of items to sell or use.

7. 99 Extra Lives - Super Mario Bros.

For a game that came out in 1985, it is perhaps surprising that it took until 2014 to discover a glitch that would give you 99 extra lives but it involves a convoluted series of actions that include completing the game in the first place in order to access it.

Image: MANYBITS/Flickr.com

As such, if you needed the extra lives to finish the game, sorry...you're out of luck.

8. Ascend The Endless Stairs - Super Mario 64

In the Super Mario outing for the Nintendo 64, the room to the final boss was pretty easy to get to as all you had to do was ascend a staircase. However, if you hadn't collected at least 70 stars from previous levels the stairwell would become endless and you would never reach the top.

Image: George Tremoulis/Flickr.com

There was a way around this though by performing the 'butt-stomp' move whilst running up the stairs s that you would slide up the stairs on your backside and into the final boss-fight. 

9. Shouting For Shaun - Heavy Rain

There is nothing you can do to induce this glitch as it happens at random but during the story's final act, one of the game's floating dialogue boxes may continuously appear. 

Image: Tim Krink/commons.wikimedia.org

This forces the protagonist to scream his son's name at the most inopportune times, sometimes being downright hilarious, sometimes rather irritating.

10. Fleeting Immortality - Megaman 3

The Megaman games are notoriously hard and designed as such but one glitch in the third game made it that much easier as it gave you a period of immortality if you held the right directional button on the second controller as you jumped down and then out of a pit.

Image: ultrapublications.com

It would disable your primary weapons and would only last until you picked up health or completed the level but since all special weapons still worked, it was a great way of getting past a tricky level or two.



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