25 Hilarious Photos That Almost Broke The Internet!

LOL March 5, 2018 By Hugo

Have you ever laughed so much you genuinely feared for your life? Well, if you have, you're not alone as this happened to us after we came across these hysterical photos. Some are just plain dumb, while others will present you with a comic ingenuity that not even a Netflix Original drama starring Amy Schumer could match.


So be prepared for the laughing fit of your life as we present to you 25 hilarious photos that almost broke the Internet.

1. Reese's are this man's life

What is it about peanut butter that makes it so universal? There's not one person I know who doesn't like the stuff, which is probably why Reese's biscuits are so yummy!


However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, as this man literally proved.

2. The circus act dog!

This dog might look like a giant fluffball and little else, but it amazed bystanders when it jumped through four hoops! Maybe dogs will evolve and take over the human race sooner than we think.


Well, either that or they'll continue eating our leftovers. 

3. The best policeman, ever?

We often hear about police making the news for all the wrong reasons nowadays, so it's always refreshing to see police in a better light, especially when they don't mind looking like doofuses to entertain sick children.


The child's laughter says it all! 

4. The most unhealthy policeman, ever?

This is actually a fair representation of many police officers. Like drugs with wall street traders and countless mugs of coffee with teachers, doughnuts have long been synonymous with the police force, so much so that they are even training with them!


In fairness, police officers are actually far more professional than Springfield's chief officer and doughnut lover, Chief Wiggum, but one department seemed more than happy to play to the stereotype, captioning the photo, "We've been training all year for this day."

5. When in doubt, have a Bud Light

Owing to the geographic standing of America, flooding has become ubiquitous in large areas of the country, but that hasn't stopped some affected residents from having a good time.


Taken in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a coastal town south of Boston, this daring dude knows that beer is life, come rain or shine!

6. The girlfriend's request didn't go as planned 

Let's face it: women are stronger than men. There! We said it! Because it's true. They suffer periods once a month, put up with their male lover's obsession for any sport on TV and most of all they have the power of giving birth- a privilege but also a pain that no man will ever come close to experiencing yet for some reason, this woman wanted her boyfriend to capture her facial expressions during birth.

Reddit/ gilsolano12

Being a YouTube vlogger whose claim to fame has been to annoy his girlfriend every waking second, that probably wasn't the best request as he did what he likely knew he was going to do the moment she asked and pulled loads of silly faces.

7. Surprise!

Men can be cruel, and even after a woman manages to make them commit and even live with them, they can't help but cause havoc.

Reddit/ amosfargus

In this case, it appears the poor girl likely had a heart attack when she opened the shower curtain only to find her boyfriend clad in a Worf costume staring right at her.

In fact, the sight isn't even funny... It's terrifying! However, if your grown boyfriend owns a Star Trek costume, we're guessing she knew what she was getting herself into.

8. 50 Shades of Hilarity

50 Shades of Grey has rejuvenated couple's love lives or at least spiced it up, so you can forgive opportunistic men for seeing the benefits of having their wives read a story about a handsome billionaire who convinces an innocent woman to indulge and participate in all his sordid sexual fantasies.


But for this man, it appeared he couldn't quite make a compelling enough point and was instead met with the literal mundanity of 50 shades of GRAY painting samples. On the plus side, watching any shade of gray dry is still more entertaining than reading the novel. 

9. The lone sushi

Sushi is a healthy Japanese cuisine that has caught on around the world thanks to its tasty goodness, and people have become so obsessed with the stuff that they've even taken to traveling with it! 


But surely you could just eat it on the plane?! Why would you need to check in as luggage? It seems sushi, at least to the owner, is a prized possession. 

10. When cobras go wild

King Cobras are amongst the most venomous snakes on Earth, with just one bite proving fatal, so quite how this cobra-handling dude is still alive is a miracle, but judging by the compelling snap, it appears the cobra had other things on its mind.


But what is that quite furry perched atop a tree? Whatever it is, we're guessing its thought process went something along the lines of, Sh*t! 

11. Transporting a boat is as hard as it looks

Whether this culprit genuinely thought they could transport a boat in the boot of the car and get away with it isn't clear, but we can only guess that they regretted the decision the moment police noticed.


Taking place in Arkansas, we're sure they learned their lesson. The lesson being: They're incredibly stupid. 

12. Biker Chick

Seeing a beautiful woman ride a motorbike is a pretty nice sight as you don't often see it every day, but literally seeing a chick on one isn't something you'd ever expect to see!


We can only assume that Sons of Anarchy ran out of ideas and decided to film a spin-off version about biker chicks instead.

13. Lazy days by the pool

Holidays are all about relaxing and having a good time, but we think these three guys have mastered the art of this to a tee. 


Apparently, no drinks were allowed at the pool, so they came up with this genius solution. Amazing.

14. An angry customer

Pugs are insanely cute. There's no disputing that, but quite how this cheeky doggo managed to order himself a burger is anybody's guess!


Despite this pug's other-worldly abilities to convey his dietary requirements to an actual human, he still had to face a delay when waiting for his order- a first world problem humans will all relate to.

15. Say cheese!

Animal photobombs have been cropping up on the Internet a lot lately, but we think this camel definitely tops them all!


Just look how happy it is! It's infectious and has clearly rubbed off on the three guys whose smiles are equally as goofy! 

16. Riding the waves

What could be better than spotting a surfing goose on a day out? Not much, that's for sure.


It's unclear whether the photographer was merely photographing the geese or he genuinely had an inclination that the goose was a pro-surfer. Either way, it's a delight and one of our favorites on this list.

17. 1 EARUP

In most cases, a number plate reading '1 EARUP' wouldn't go noticed, but thanks to this backseat canine, it became hilariously relevant.


Looking every inch the doggy superstar, passengers in the car behind couldn't help but take a photo once they noticed only one of his ears was up.

18. Never shop online for your prom dress

The original was supposed to be a gorgeous lacy piece with thick hems and swaying ruffles but what was received was a weirdly translucent thing with rather conspicuous opaque circles over the chest.

Twitter/Morgan Morris

Definitely not what was ordered and an awful knock off to boot.

19. The best gym buddy of all time?

We all like to have a friend accompany us to the gym to make it that little less boring, but what if we had a pug to go with us EVERY DAY?!


It would be pretty sweet, as this guy will probably attest! 

20. Dedication to your workout

The saying goes: No pain, no gain, and these brave souls are living proof of this age-old mantra! Displaying their pure, beefcake tenacity, such fervent displays of love towards one's abs, even in times of significant flooding, should surely be approved.

YouTube/ TopFactology

Not that we're hating on them for having amazing muscles.

21. We've all had a girlfriend who always complains a lot

Poor Kim! If being rich and famous wasn't hard enough, the voluptuous star has to contend with being made fun of online, with various memes and doctored images poking fun at her.


However, the best one certainly belongs to whoever replaced the back of their phone with a crying image of Kim and placed it directly on a straw. Milkshakes aren't that bad, Kim! They actually contain enough sugar to keep your bum looking nice and round!

22. The old lover who perhaps displayed the key to a happy marriage

This photo can be interpreted in two ways. 1- It's the most adorable example of enduring love you'll ever see because it shows he doesn't care how big or small she is or 2- He probably gave up loving her years ago and instead finds solace in winding her up at every opportunity he gets- even if it means tricking her into believing she's overweight.

Reddit/ terex232

Either way, we have a feeling this couple has learned the most valuable lesson long-term relationships can offer anyone: tolerance.

23. Beware of the dinosaur

I can't decide whether it would be really cool to witness this as you're driving down the highway or off-putting/terrifying. I mean, have you seen Godzilla?! 


And just imagine if you had children in the backseat? They'd scream the car down and cause you to crash into the thing! This is all kinds of NO!

24. Alligators will eat anything

Newsflash: Alligators are extremely dangerous! So dangerous, in fact, that they won't hesitate to take it upon themselves to clamp their jaws on inedible objects. 


Oh to be an alligator! 

25. The boyfriend who marked his girlfriend's first relationship fart with a cake

There's nothing worse than being on the receiving end of someone else's fart, and it's almost unthinkable that your loved would commit such an ungodly act. But hey, everyone's privy to letting one rip... even your beautiful girlfriend!


It's hardly surprising then that this boyfriend decided to mark his girlfriend's first relationship fart with a cake, no doubt done to boost her self-esteem, of course... 


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