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15 Stupid 911 Calls That Shouldn't Have Happened

LOL October 28, 2016 By Hugo

From a young age, children are taught only to call 911 in an 'emergency', yet it seems the word has taken on many different meanings over the years.

Ranging from a distressed taco bell customer to a woman in need of a husband, some people clearly think the police are put on this Earth to serve them rather than the community as a whole. 

With such stupidity in mind, we at OMG Lane have come up with 15 of the dumbest 911 calls ever made. 

1. The Angry Taco Bell Man 

We've all been there. It's been a rough day, and the last thing we want to do is wait longer than needs be for our food to arrive. But even with our stomachs rumbling and our heads hurting, we wouldn't call 911 to sort out our dietary needs. Still, try telling that to Terry Lynn Kimball. 

The Florida native, who was refused service following attempts to order his food through a drive-thru without a car was later arrested after the operator he was speaking to dispatched a team of officers to arrest Kimball for abusing 911 services. In all seriousness, he just wanted a taco because he was too drunk to drive so arresting him for that seems a little extreme. But phoning 911? Come on..... 

2. A 4-Year-old Calls 911 For Help With His Math Homework

While this 4-year-old is by no means stupid, his mother sure is. But even then, we have to thank her for giving us a moment of comedy gold. The kid, oblivious to the notion that 911 should be called only in an 'emergency', was nonetheless is a spot of bother with his math homework so thought he'd phone someone who might help.

Getting through to an operator, the kid, in the most innocent of voices, asks if he can get help with his 'math.' Believing the kid said 'mouth', the operator was shocked when he finally realised the kid meant math, and after a quick back-and-forth over the math sums his mum can be heard screaming in the background. "Johnny, what do you think you're doing?" 

From then on in, the operator realised he would never have a funnier day at work.

3. A Woman Calls About The State Of her Chinese Food

We've all ordered food that hasn't been to our liking, but the last thing many of us would do is call 911 over it. 

In what appears to have been a disagreement with the caller and shop that served her the food, the woman felt she had no other option put to pursue a refund via the calling the life-threatening emergency line.

4. How Much Trouble Can You Get Into For One Plant?

When Robert Michelson phoned 911 to ask how much trouble he could get into for being in possession of a marijuana plant, the answer was unsurprisingly clear.

Before long a team of officers arrived at Michelson's house to arrest the 21-year-old, which soon led to the discovery of seeds used to grow the plants as well as various other drug paraphernalia. Speaking after the arrest, one of the officers involved told News 8, "It's a first....yea. I can't say I've ever had this happen before." 

5. "I took two viagra pills"

Embarrassing stories are never easy to tell or reveal to someone, but you'd think those involving a medical condition would be best suited to a doctor's advice. Still, it seems one guy had a problem that needed urgent attention.

Revealing he had taken two viagra pills and that they had made him very ill, the hardest part must have been admitting that the erection had been up for four days. Yes, four days. That's one big problem...

6. A Man Ordered 7 burgers But Received Only 6

Back to fast food now. Yes, it seems fast food and dumb 911 calls go hand-in-hand which appears to make us question the type of clientele these chains attract and one man who's a regular at his local McDonald's is Lorenzo Riggins.  

Angered that only 6 Mc Doubles were placed in his takeaway bag as opposed to the 7 he ordered, Riggins said he took the bag inside hoping to receive the 7th. But it seems no one wanted to confess to the mistake, making Riggins phone 911 and thereby spend a night in a police cell.

According to the video, Riggins admitted that he still plans to dine at Mc Donald's and had a firm message for viewers. "Always be careful where you buy food anywhere you go." 

7. The Kitten and The Strip Club

Everett Lages just wanted to get into a strip club but was blocked in his attempts after doorman refused entry for his kitten. 

Angered, Lages took matters into his own hands and phoned 911, hoping his feline friend could watch the evening's entertainment too. But it appears the night didn't go as planned and he would wind up in a jail cell. According to reports, the kitten was free to go.

8. "I Want a Husband" 

Let's face it: we all get lonely at times. Life can be full of heartache, and that's often the case when you're alone, but sometimes it's better to keep your emotions in check and not call 911. 

But when you've hit the bottle, and wish you had the partner of your dreams holding you in their arms, your thought process isn't always rational just like this poor woman who decided to phone 911 and ask for a husband.

9. A Woman From Florida Refused To Baby Sit Her Grandchildren- So Called 911

We've all had times in our lives when we haven't wanted to fulfil certain duties or obligations, but you'd think when it came to looking after children there would be little room for debate. Yet one grandmother in Fort Lauderdale, Flordia thought differently.

Talking to reporters outside her home following a night's incarceration, she said, "I get tired of babysitting... You heard me." 


10. Lorna Dudash

When you're attracted to two police officers, the best thing to do is probably complement them and leave it at that. After all, you'll be hard-pressed to find an on-duty officer giving a member of the public their personal number... not that that stopped Lornda Dudash.

Shortly after the officers left her house following a neighbours complaint that her music was too loud, she phoned 911 asking for their numbers even after admitting that phoning 911 wasn't the right way to go about asking. Asked whether she'd  like them to come back, she replied, in a jovial tone, "Oh, I'd like that, yeah." 

11. A Husband Refused To Eat His Dinner

We've all had meals cooked for us that aren't nice, but when it's been cooked by a family member of friend, it's sometimes better to eat it and not complain. Though one husband did quite the opposite. 

According to his wife, her husband's refusal to eat his dinner made her call the 911 emergency services, which she revealed to officers dispatched to her home following a weak signal. 

Elsea Benson has a reputation for calling 911 and has called them over 30 times for reasons as trivial as not finding her clothes.

12. "I'm Locked In My Car"

A senior woman from Orlando, Flordia decided to phone 9/11 after her husband left her in the car and accidentally locked the doors.

Complaining about the heat inside, she was told by the calm operator to pull the lock up on one of the doors. Unsurprisingly, the woman was soon freed.

13. McDonald's Run Out Of Chicken Nuggets So A Woman Called 911

A woman called 911 three times after McDonad's ran out of chicken nuggets. Refusing to refund the woman's order, the disgruntled customer phoned 911 and believed the lack of nuggets demanded a refund.

Amusingly,  an official spokesperson for the company was in agreement with the customer's grievance and admitted she should have been refunded.  

14. Woman calls 911 In The Hopes Of Hitching A Ride Home

We've all had that moment at the end of the night when we wish we could be tucked in bed and away from the loud-mouthed drunks but one cheeky caller went a bit too far and decided to call 911 in the hopes of hitching a free ride home. 

Hanging up before they could respond, the inebriated caller probably realised the call could land her in a lot of trouble. Not that it mattered. Police phoned Sterling Heights back to check that she was okay before realising that all she wanted from them was a lift home after she admitted to being too drunk to drive. 

15. "I'm Too High"

A young man in Ohio got quite the shock when he realised he couldn't feel his hands after inhaling a large amount of marijuana.  Calling 911, he muttered, "I'm too high."

It wasn't long before the operator dispatched a team of officers to his home, where he was found curled in a fetal position amidst large portions of Doritos and cookies.

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