Heroic Dog Saves Two Stranded Dogs, How It Did It Will Melt Your Heart

OMG September 27, 2018 By Hugo

Losing your dogs or having them go missing is every dog owner's worst nightmare, so when a gust of wind took a canoe from the gravel bar and into the strong tides of the river, two dogs followed their instinct and decided to jump inside.


After all, it is innate in Labradors to retrieve anything, but it's what happened after- when another dog enters the mix- that truly makes this video remarkable.

When the boat is stranded in the middle of the river, the two dogs realize that a rope attached to the boat. After many barks signaling the danger they are in, a black Lab comes to their aid and jumps straight into the water! 

Proving that a dog's loyalty knows no bounds, the heroic pooch knows what is required and drags the canoe back to shore, which just goes to show that dogs can be just heroic as the humans who own them!

Millions have seen this amazing rescue on social media, and if you're asking us, we think this dog deserves all the fame and attention that comes its way! 

Watch the amazing rescue below by watching the incredible video!

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