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10 Heartwarming Transformations of Homeless Dogs Into Happy Puppers!

Tearjerkers December 7, 2016 By Vincent

Man's best friend, puppers, floofs, waggies or as the German's call them...flooffen woofen! Okay, I made that last one up but needless to say, dogs are awesome! They are always happy about everything and they hold a level of excitement within themselves that would be exhausting to almost any other animal on Earth.


Despite their obvious greatness and constant giving of love and affection, sometimes people mistreat these wonderful animals and they end up in dire situations at rescue centers or worse. It is a sad and unhappy truth that this happens but sometimes the shelters can really help change a dog's life around. Here we look at some amazing transformations of rescue dogs that will warm your heart and make you believe in miracles.

1. Ellen

Before: When Ellen was found wandering the streets of Chicago, she was so covered in stinking matted fur that her shape was indefinable and it was thought that her back legs did not work. Just a matted pile of hair, urine and feces she stank so badly that the groomers who trimmed her had real trouble sticking at the task without gagging so imagine how bad it was for an animal with 1000x stronger sense of smell than a human. Her hair was so heavy and matted it was pulling itself out at the roots and when she was finally cut free, it was found that her legs did work they were just so encased in tangles that they could not move.



After: Having to undergo therapeutic massages for the damage done to her nerves from the weight of her fur, Ellen was eventually introduced to many other dogs to help her socialize and once the foundation that housed her were happy to put her up for adoption, she received hundreds of applications. The lucky family that did take her home, however, brought her a friend called Linus, to play with and now the pair spend all their time together.

2. Hippo

Before: When Hippo was brought into the Trio Animal Foundation, she was just 12 weeks old and yet was suffering from a horrific case of mange which left her fur falling out and red and blotchy patches of skin that would have been very painful for the animal. Her ears were also cut to pieces and she was suffering from a respiratory infection that left things looking bad for the poorly pup.


After: Treated for her mange and respiratory infection, Hippo made a full recovery and found a foster family to keep up with her voracious appetite that has seen her gain in size and she is now an energetic and much loved 6-month-old doggy.

3. Trio

Before:  Used as bait in a dog fight when she was just a four-week-old puppy, Trio had her back leg bitten off and given just a 10% chance of survival. So small was she in size that she fit into a shoebox but she was taken in by a woman called Sue who started to care and nurture for Trio.


After: Sue went on to become the founder of the Trio Animal Foundation, which was named after her very own saved dog. Trio miraculously survived and would hang around the Animal Foundation to greet other animal's brought into their care. Sue's loving friend for over ten years, Trio passed peacefully in November 2011 having lived a good and happy life with Sue and her other doggo friends.

4. Hudson

Before: Found wandering the crime-ridden district of Englewood in Chicago, Hudson was alone, abandoned and in a bad state when he was brought into the Trio Animal foundation. With scabbed over skin where his fur had been falling out and clearly in a lot of distress and pain, Hudson was taken in for immediate care.


After: The photo above is of Hudson half way through his care because he was in such a state that it might be too distressing to show his earlier photos. He was still recovering when his adoptive family came in to chose a dog but his liveliness and immediate attraction to them meant that they were instantly taken and took him home with them as soon as he was ready.


5. Eleanor

Before: Dangerously underweight, dehydrated and with an infection in her milk ducts, Eleanor was found in a high sided, closed lid bin which suggests that she was thrown in there by someone. Her engorged milk ducts were evidence that she had recently given birth but the pups were nowhere to be found.


After:  Eleanor was taken to the foundation and given surgery with the help of IV pain meds, fluids, and antibiotics. She was very fortunate to make a full recovery and found a new foster Mom to take her home and lavish her with love every day.

6. Mocha

Before: Found tied to a fence with a note pinned to her that read “Mocha = can’t afford.” the dog was brought into the shelter with gouges and scars running down the length of her back and a severe distrust of human contact but the foundation did their best to reach out to her and help her heal.


After:  Eventually gaining her trust, the shelter disinfected her wounds and healed her up. The scars remain on her back but that didn't stop her finding a loving family.

7. Mistletoe

Before: Abused puppy Mistletoe came into the shelter with pus dripping from an eye infection and trauma she was suffering from her twisted necrotic eye would pop in and out of place. Taken to surgery, the poor little pup had staples put into her face in order to aid her recovery.


After: Recovering well, it didn't take long for Mistletoe to find a forever home when a loving family saw the sweet little pupper that they couldn't resist. Face staples now removed, Mistletoe is enjoying her new life.

8. Puggy 

Before: When Puggy came into the Foundation, he was in a really bad way with fur stained yellow from urine, skin sinking in between his ribs and teeth worn down to the gum. Moving slowly, the poor boy was very lethargic and had a green discharge coming from his nose. It later transpired that Puggy had a cancerous tumor and heartworms and he was not given long to live.


After:  The vets treated Puggy, getting him back up to weight and performing surgery on him to solve many of his problems, including removing the heartworms. The prognosis looked bad but one family stepped forward to give Puggy the chance of a few happy months of life but in happier and loving surroundings, Puggy thrived and it soon transpired that the tumor was benign and Puggy went on to be a joyful, healthy doggy.

9. Birdie

Before: Suffering from one of the worst cases of mange the Foundation had ever seen, Birdie was swollen up from head to toe and losing fur to hard, calloused skin. She also had an infestation of mites had ravaged her skin so badly that with every movement her flesh would crack and bleed.


After: Given daily treatments, Birdie recovered well with much of her fur growing back, although still patchy in parts, as she grew into a playful pup and a family swiftly came in to show her a life that she had not before seen.

10. Filly

Before: Spotted on the side of the road by a police officer, Filly was hiding inside a discarded car tire as traffic passed her by. Scared for her life, Filly hid under the car of her rescuer who had to tempt her out before bringing her into the Trio Foundation. Dangerously underweight, she could not move well and her ribs were showing through her skin.


After: It took two and a half months for Filly to be rehabilitated so that she was healthy and trusting enough to be adopted, but once she was, she found a new Mom who loves her very much. 

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