He Offered Owners $100,000 For Their Dogs, One Response Was Shocking

OMG January 8, 2018 By Hugo

Arizona-based YouTuber BigDawsTV, who is famed for his social experiments, took to the streets of Chicago with a proposition to dog walkers many would brand unethical.

Holding a suitcase containing fake dollar bills that he claimed equated to $100,000, the vlogger approaches dog owners asking them if they would trade their dog for $100,000 in cash.

YouTube/ BigDawsTV

For the most part, the reactions were thankfully positive, with most adamant that no amount of money in the world could force them to part with their beloved pooches.

However, there was one man who wasn't as taken aback by the proposition as others.

Watch the video here to find out what he said. It's actually quite shocking!

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