Halo TV Series Still In Production

OMG January 8, 2018 By Vincent

Halo was a surprise hit sci-fi franchise that was launched on the very first Xbox as the sort of mascot for the games console and has been running on each of its iterations ever since with spin-offs and sequels in abundance and such was its success that its move into other mediums was just a matter of time but it never really happened.

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Such was the success of the video game series about the last of the human race battling a coalition of alien's in a search for the universe's ultimate weapon that board games, comics, and books were developed and then Hollywood wanted a slice of the pie when, in 2004, the developers of the game, Bungie confirmed a partnership with 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures to create and distribute a Halo movie.

Given that sci-fi was all the rage at the time and the games had a dedicated following to their action-packed adventures, this made perfect sense. Wingnut Films, the team behind Lord of the Rings and King Kong, were signed up to work on the film and special effects company Weta Works were involved in developing vehicles and props, some of which can be viewed if you tour their premises in Wellington New Zealand.

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However,  in 2006 Fox and Universal bowed out, and production on the film stalled until this idea eventually evolved into the possibility of a television series which was originally planned to launch on Showtime and Xbox One back in 2015 alongside the release of 343 Industries’ Halo 5: Guardians with the legendary director Steven Spielberg on board as an executive producer.

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Microsoft canceled their plans for original programming on their console and so the show, yet again, fell by the wayside but when at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, TVGuide asked Showtime president and CEO David Nevins for an update he confirmed the show was still in "active development" and that scripts had been produced for it.  Gary Levine, president of programming at Showtime, confirmed this. “It’s still live action,” Levine added, “and it will definitely satisfy the fans of Halo and I think also satisfy the drama audiences of Showtime.

Whether we will ever see a Halo story on our screens is yet to be seen but it is interesting to hear that it is still in the world. However, it feels like it is a little too late as the series has moved well beyond its peak and fervor around it is no longer at the height it once was. Still, if it does ever come to fruition it could be intriguing to see how it brings itself to our screens in a non-interactive manner.


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