Grumpy Husky Throws Tantrum To Avoid Being Told Off

LOL July 5, 2017 By Vincent

None of us are perfect and we've all done something wrong in our time but most us probably have the maturity to accept it, own up to it, learn from our mistakes and move on but one cantankerous husky seems yet to learn about humility and acceptance in a hilarious video now circulating the web.


Blu appears to have been caught having chewed a parcel that was delivered to his residence, which seems fair enough if you live there, but the delivery was not for him and he seems to have damaged something for his owner. 

Remonstrating with the pupper, the owner starts to talk only to be drowned out by the whines of the doggo who is in no mood to accept any wrongdoing. Every time the owner starts up, Blu raises his voice over them in an attempt to avoid punishment.

Confronted with the evidence in front of him, it would seem Blu has no choice but to just face the music but rather, he decides to make some of his own. Watch the clip below and let us know what you think.


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