Grandpa Steals Granddaughter's Spotlight And OMG It's Adorable

LOL June 5, 2018 By Hugo

Without playing to tropes, young girls often like to mimic their favorite dance moves and thanks to rapidly evolving technologies, they can broadcast them to their friends, but sometimes, this doesn't always achieve the desired result, as this adorable girl found out!

Rumble/ ViralHog

Strutting her stuff to the hit 2017 summer hit ‘Despacito’, viewers are quickly distracted when her grandfather steals the spotlight by coming up with some brilliant moves of his own!

Not giving a damn, this awesome grandfather has his own take on the track's infectious beats and dances along as his granddaughter remains oblivious!

Proving that age really is just a number, his impressive dance moves go to show that no one is too old for a bogey, no matter the song being played.

Eventually, the granddaughter twirls around and notices her grandfather is doing the same thing, and it's fair to say by her hands on hips posture, that she isn't in the least bit amused!

Watch the hilarious clip below and let us know in the comments if your grandparents have ever upstaged you!

Rumble/ ViralHog

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