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Girl Poses For Class Photo. 30 Years Later, Her Fiancé Looks At Bottom Left Corner And Gasps

OMG May 16, 2017 By Vincent

In 2014, two Floridians thought they would try their hand at online dating. It has seen a boom in recent years as people turn to the internet to find partners and it was no different for Amy and Justin who saw each other on Match.com and instantly hit it off.


At the start of the relationship, it was clear the two had chemistry as they were smitten with one another from the very beginning.


In fact, on their very first date on December 3rd, 2014, the waiters at the restaurant they attended noticed the palpable chemistry between the pair and in recognition, one waiter even brought over a cake marking the occasion with some cute, though rather weak, penmanship.


Speaking about the amazing first date, Amy told Cosmopolitan, "Not even halfway through dinner I found myself shivering because I was so excited. I remember telling myself 'I'm going to be having dinner with this man for the rest of my life."


However, the date could never have happened if Amy remained reluctant to give online dating a go, having told Match.com the idea of finding love online made her feel "uncomfortable". 


"I’ve always been told that I’m a “hopeful romantic”, she said. "Always believing I was destined for a great love story. Throughout my dating journey I was finding everything but my great love story. I wasn’t fond of the idea of online dating, it made me a little uncomfortable. So, I kept trying the same old methods; just wait and see who I meet randomly. But it still wasn’t happening."


However, after a nudge from friends and perhaps thanks to the realisation that online dating's stigma was fading, Amy decided to give online dating a go, and it "was the best decision" she ever made.


Unsurprinslgy, the relationship progressed quickly, but after a month's dating, Justin shocked Amy by revealing that her name also happened to be that of his very first crush in pre-school!


After mentioning this, Amy was initially hesitant to hear her new love talk about anyone other than her and revealed to Match, "Justin casually mentioned he always liked my name because his first crush was a girl named Amy in preschool. I joked and said 'Well it wasn't me, so I don't want to hear about this Amy.'"


Around a month after Justin admitted a girl called Amy was his first crush, he recited a story about how he got a scar on his forehead. Explaining that he fell off a climbing frame at Sunshine Pre-K, Amy immediately put two-and-two together and realised that she had attended the same pre-school!


Yes, that's right: Amy was Justin's first crush! As the pair got home, they called their respective parents and asked them to dig out some old school photos.


Incredibly, Amy's parents managed to find a photograph of Amy and her class and sure enough, in the bottom left-hand corner was Justin.


Yes. Justin had found his pre-school crush once again and the pair had fallen in love. In something of a fairytale ending, it would seem that dreams do come true.


A year later, Justin proposed to Amy. But it wasn't just any old proposal- far from it.


In recognition of the awesome story, Justin decided to go public with his story by proposing to Amy live on The View, and he also enlisted the help of children attending the pre-school they did.


It was a momentous occasion befitting of a fairytale story, and Amy told Cosmo that while she had long been a fan of romance novels she had long accepted the unlucky in love tag. "It's just absolutely nuts that I went from the tragically misguided girl who was always let down to the man of my romance novels dream!" she exclaimed.


Speaking to Match about the experience, Amy added, " I feel like I dreamed him and our love story into real life! I NEVER gave up hope. No matter how many downfalls and heartbreaks, I trusted that love would find me. 


In an era where love is seemingly harder to attain than ever despite the many technologies at our disposal, Amy and Justin's story is a timely reminder that is never too late to find that often all-too-elusive soulmate. In the words of Amy, Never give up on love and love will never give up on you."


Now happily married, Amy's words couldn't be apter.


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