George Clooney Believes Actors Shouldn't Run For President

OMG September 12, 2017 By Hugo

George Clooney is sick and tired of hearing actors throw their names into the political arena because he believes actors like himself shouldn't be allowed to be president.

Shutterstock/ Denis Makarenko

No doubt sparked by the various celebrities announcing their intention to run in 2020 as well as one already holding office, the gifted thespian told Variety, "I think that having a celebrity as president who has a star on Hollywood Boulevard will exorcise our need to have someone famous in office."

He then added that if celebrities stuck to their industries and left Washington's dealings to actual politicians, then American might "find someone who knows how to make policy."

The famed actor was speaking to the press at the Toronto International Film Festival where he was promoting "Suburbicon," which he produced, directed and co-wrote. when the questions (as do so often do when Geroge is in the room) turned political.

Asking for his take on the recent controversy in Charlottesville, the Academy Award winner expressed his concerns that white supremacy groups were comparing themselves to fighting similar causes to Black Lives Matter.

"These are moments when we are supposed to come together," the proud new father believes. “You can’t compare Black Lives Matter, who are protesting in support of racial equality, to the KKK and the alt-right, who are protesting in support of racial supremacy."

"You cannot balance those two -- period. To see that happen at the highest level in our country was very disappointing and gutting for a lot of us.”

Agreeing with his stance, Clooney's "Suburbicon', co-star Julianne Moore said, "I don't think actors should be president, I'm sorry, George." 

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