The Funniest GIFs Of All Time

LOL October 22, 2018 By Hugo

Memes may offer more intellectual stimulation than GIFs when it comes to getting our laughing fix online, but sometimes you can't go wrong by scrolling through a series of animated images.

Comprised mostly of animals and humans doing silly things, there are online forums devoted to picking out the best GIFs, so OMG Lane scoured various online threads to pick out what the public thinks are the most hilarious GIFs of all time. Enjoy!

1. "High five!"


2.  Erykah Badu's moment of madness 


Singer-songwriter Erykah Badu might be famous, but that doesn't mean every news reporter will know who she is, and that included this reporter, who wasn't too tolerant towards her moment of fun/madness.

Badu executes a perfect smiling video-bomb, walking by the anchor before she tries to take it up a notch and hug the reporter. However, the reporter pushes her aside, ending a highly baffling, but comic encounter!

3. Skateboard to the head


When there's a problem with the shooting of a movie- be it with the actors,  the technology, or even the weather- the same scene can be shot repetitively. However, this luxury does not apply to live news reporters, and because of this, many are on the receiving end of some pretty hilarious (and painful!) pranks and accidents. Just take this painful moment a reporter was hit over the head with a flying skateboard.

When the camera panned from a young skater attempting a trick to the reporter covering the action, Mike Amor's pleasant evening was cut short when the skater's board went flying towards his head. It's hard to tear your eyes away from the action as you want to shout “Nooo!” as a warning to Amor.

4. Deborah Duncan gets slapped in the face by a monkey 

It's not every day a news anchor meets a monkey, but then again, it's not every day an animal gets to meet a famous news anchor, which was probably why the pesky primate decided to make a name for himself.

Instantly going viral, this entertaining slap gave him the sought of fame that even Kim Kardashian would find hard matching.

5. Stop! 


When local weather women Holly Ellenbogen was assigned the task of reporting on the ferocious storm sweeping across town, little did she realise what was about to happen.

Standing amidst the hurling winds, the storm seemingly had enough of her and signalled, quite literally, for her to stop.

6. Blown away by your reporting


We can't help but laugh whenever something unfortunate happens to another person. And whether they slip, trip over their laces or bump into a lamppost, it's almost innate in us to laugh.

But a Russian reporter being blown away by a fire extinguisher live on air? Now that's a first!

7. When drama is life


Have you ever been so pumped watching a disagreement that you took a ringside seat, popcorn in hand, and watched as your friends argued over whose turn it was to take out the rubbish? 

Yep, we've all been guilty of doing things like this! If Hollywood ever needed to test out their shows on a small audience sample, then this guy would always be working! Can you imagine his reaction to the red wedding scene in Game of Thrones?!

8. Bernie scaring the heck out of political commentators by using the word socialism


Political commentator and former Chief White House Strategist Chris Bannon recently appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss the rise of populism and how left-wing leaders such as Bernie could have posed a significant threat to Trump's presidential bid had he not been beaten by Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Still, judging by America's reaction to the "S" word, we're not sure Sanders would have had enough in the tank to beat Trump.

Well, unless he threatened Americans with socialism if they didn't vote for him...

9. SantaCat


There are many facts in life. Marriages, for instance, will often end in divorce while every human being will eventually die. These are just facts, whether we like them or not, and the Internet's love for all-things cats is no different.

From GrumpyCat's facial deformity to the virtuosity of Keyboard Cat, we love seeing cats do wacky, out-there things, so it's little wonder the much-loved SantaCat GIF became one of the most popular GIFs of all time.

10. Yummy yummy yummy I got fish in my tummy


Humans are obsessed with wasting their precious time on Earth so they can watch cats do silly things online. But cats could make any action look cute and comical, especially when they happen to have been given a toy!

This cat looks as happy as Larry with its toy fish, and we wouldn't bet against it doing some serious damage to its owner if they tried to take it away!

11. Nicole Kidman's weird clap


Seen this? If you haven't, you're in for a treat! At a star-studded 2017 Academy Awards ceremony, the Australian actress Nicole Kidman was too concerned with getting heir ring damaged to notice that her unorthodox clapping looked like she was from another planet altogether!

Speaking about the amusing spectacle in an interview after the ceremony, she said, "It was really difficult because I had a huge ring on which was not my own, but was absolutely gorgeous and I was terrified of damaging it.

"It was really awkward and I was like gosh, I want to clap. I don't want to not be clapping, which is worse, right - 'why isn't Nicole clapping?'"

12. When your high school sports' career fails to take off


Why do we always embarrass ourselves in school? No matter how cool you were, you're bound to have at least one moment from your school days you wish you could erase forever, but alas, that isn't possible, so we always flinch with embarrassment when these memories come flooding back.

However, at least you can console yourself in the comfort that your small fall in the library wasn't half as bad as this sporting failure. If it was worse than this, we genuinely feel sorry for you.

13. Hungry Birds


Dubbed 2 Birds, 1 Almond by many Internet users, this hilarious GIF sees two pesky birds attempting to take an almond from the hands of the person recording their comic antics.

The best part sees one of the birds stick their tongue out in the hope of attaining that nutty goodness.

14. Rocky Catiano


We all love a good boxing story that pits an underdog against the titanic hardships of everyday life, but we think this cat has all it takes to conquer adversity and be a boxing champion.

Rock Catiano, we salute you as the feline champion that you are.

15. When your drunk friend starts dancing in the club


We all have one friend who can't handle their drink and goes overboard when it comes to bussing some shapes on the dance floor which is what makes this groovy/ possibly intoxicated goose so funny!

In all seriousness, if this goose could learn the "1, 2 step rule", we think it could hold it's own as a backup dancer in a Katy Perry tribute band.

16. Flirting is harder than it looks


We've all tried hard to impress someone we like, but not all of us are blessed with natural confidence and charisma. Heck, some of us can't even string a sentence together without going all weak at the knees in the company of our crush, so this GIF is perhaps one of the most relatable on the list.

Lesson learned: never flirt when you're on the edge of a bed.

17. Awkward handshakes are the worst 


When Kanye West was just getting started in conquering the rap game, he came across an already-famous acoustic crooner by the name of John Mayer ( a.k.a a notorious douche). Still, douches are usually smooth operators, but not Mayer, who made things totally awkward when he went in for a straight man hug with West instead of a handshake.

There was once a time when a handshake was enough.

18. When you go in for a kiss but they only want a hug


Everyone remembers the insane presidential circus that was the 2016 election. It pitted the most qualified person to run for office against argubally the least qualified, and of course, the latter came out victorious in a contest like no other. But Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump going toe-to-toe in a round of spellbinding debates would make up only a small percentage of the highlight reel.

If you were asked to create a reel of the 2016 Presidential Election, you wouldn't only include Trump's extreme narcissism or Hillary's obnoxious outlook on Middle America, you'd also include Trump's cringe attempt at an unreceptive bro kiss with Mike Pence, the Vice President of America. 

Dear oh dear.

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