10 Frugal Celebrities Who Have Been Wise With Their Money

Celebs April 25, 2018 By Hugo

Resisting the urge to splurge must be incredibly hard when you're rich and famous, but these celebrities haven't let their insane wealth go to their heads. Instead, they've actually been pretty smart with their money.

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Forgoing gas-guzzling SUVs, private jets and designer clothes, these 10 celebrities aren't likely to be on any rich-to-broke lists anytime soon. Here are 10 celebrities who have been frugal with their millions.

1. Kristen Bell

After starring in Disney’s biggest animated movie all time, “Frozen,” Kristen Bell's bank account rocketed, and it's more than likely that her estimated $16 million will last her a lifetime. However, despite being safe in the knowledge that she can enjoy the finer things in life, Bell has been candid about her frugal choices.

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When it comes to clothes, Bell makes no exception and even sported a $45 dress from Target at a glitzy premiere.

2. Tyra Banks

Despite being worth a cool $90 million, Tyra Banks has kept conspicuous consumption to a minimum. For instance, when she moved into the offices of a new TV show she was working on, the unit was severely lacking in aesthetic qualities, but instead of shelling out thousands on an interior designer to renovate it, Banks just got to work herself and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint.

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To prove she is human, Banks also takes shampoo and soap from the swanky hotels she stays in. 

3. Sarah Michelle Gellar

With $15 million to play with, as well as husband Freddy Prinze, Jr's $4m career earnings, the Gellar household won't have trouble paying the bills anytime soon. However, just because they are wealthy, that doesn’t mean the Buffy actress has taken her everyday purchases or granted.

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Indeed, one of tv's most beloved stars of the 90s is self-confessed coupon addict and has no qualms paying with them at the register to save money. 

4. Rob Gronkowski

Professional athletes don't have the best reputations for being fiscally prudent, so perhaps the younger, more ostentatious athletes could learn a thing or two from the New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

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In his book, "It's Good to Be Gronk," the football player confessed that he hadn't spent any of his signing bonus or NFL contract money which is truly staggering. Most of us can only dream of earning the sums of money Gronkowski makes, so the willpower to leave it alone and watch it grow is incredibly awe-inspiring and a great lesson in money management. 

"I live off my marketing money and haven't blown it on any big-money expensive cars, expensive jewelry, or tattoos and still wear my favorite pair of jeans from high school," Gronkowski added.

5. Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is one of the world's richest musicians thanks to his time playing drums for the legendary grunge band Nirvana and now as the frontman of the Foo Fighters, but he hasn't let his legendary rock n' roll status go to his head.

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Contrary to the rock star image of private jets, lakeside mansions and million-dollar cocaine habits,  Grhol prefers to keep things simple by putting all his money in the bank.

"It goes straight into my bank account, where it turns all moldy and smelly," the 49-year-old told The Red Bulletin. "I drive a family car — not a monster SUV but a family car that fits five people. I've got a house that is just big enough, too."

6. Ashley Greene

Rising to fame in the "Twilight" movies, Ashley Greene was always quick to listen to advice from her family when dealing with her newfound wealth. "It is just not worth it to buy a first-class ticket because of the cost," she admitted in a past interview.

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Other cost-saving measures involve saving the bulk of her income. "I'm lucky because my dad taught me to be frugal and save," she said. "And that's important because I want to know that I don't have to take an acting job for two or three years if I don't want to and that I'll still be able to make my house and car payments and buy food for my dogs."

7. Jay Leno

Car enthusiast Jay Leno might appear an odd inclusion considering his mammoth car collection, but he doesn't spend his money on much else. When first signing on to do “The Tonight Show” back in 1992, Leno decided never to spend a dime of his NBC salary, which was believed to be a whopping $15 million per year.

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To make up for it, Leno made ends meet by using the money he made from standup appearances, which has seen his net worth rocket over to an incredible $350m. 

8.  Paul McCartney

The most famous and influential musician of our time has a mouthwatering $800 million fortune to his name for his part in making The Beatles the most significant band the music industry has ever seen, but the Beatle hasn't abandoned his working-class sensibilities.

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Managing to stay humble and grounded throughout the years, he has gained a reputation for his frugal ways, so much so that even made his daughter Stella- who is now a famous fashion designer- pay her own tuition fees post-high school. He has also gone so far as to make his guests pay for drinks at his own parties! 

9. Sarah Jessica Parker
Like Jay Leno's luxury car collection, it seems odd that Sarah Jessica Parker, a known lover of designer clothes, would be thrifty with her money, especially given her estimated $90 million net worth.

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However, Parker is actually quite the opposite and even goes as far as to dress her kids in hand-me-downs. Coming from humble beginnings, Parker has always maintained a sensible outlook on life, and that has been reflected in her mothering techniques, with the star not wanting her children to become spoilt and entitled.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

The epitome of a Hollywood lothario, you'd expect someone as insanley wealthy as Leonardo DiCaprio to indulge in an array of desirable sports cars, homes and clothes, but contrary to his $200 million fortune, the actor drives a Toyota Prius.

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However, as well as being a famous environmentalist, Leo is also an unashamed party animal, and has been known to fly private to the most exotic places on Earth- despite the harmful emissions a private jet spawns. A tad hypocritical, Leo has since forgone the private jet lifestyle after these double standards came under scrutiny. He now braves it by flying commercial.

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