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Female Celebrities Who Will Make You Want A Dog Even More

Celebs September 28, 2016 By Hugo

Dogs are known as man's best friend yet such an age-old phrase barely seems relevant in an era that has thankfully eradicated large swathes of societal sexism. So instead of sticking to the phrase, we thought we'd celebrate why dogs are also a woman's best friend and to do this we've listed some famous female pooch owners. 

Here are some of Hollywood's most delightful female stars and the dogs they share their rollercoaster life with.

1. Amanda Seyfried

Since starring in Mean Girls, the former runway model has enjoyed stellar success in Hollywood and Seyfried is now very much classed as an A-list actress. But careers aren't always the be-all-and-end-all of a person's life, and judging by the relationship Amanda shares with her ridiculously cute pooch Finn, it seems the actress knows that very well.



Finn is also a bit of a star himself and has a Twitter page where you can see an abundance of selfies and examples of his incredible discipline which includes balancing tasty treats on his head until she says he can eat them.


2. Mariah Carrey

Mariah Carrey, global songstress, and owner of eight Jack Russells is known for her diva tendencies, and she showcased such antics again when she insisted that two of her Jack Russells fly first class. 



In a world far removed from most, the superstar, who was in the process of relocating from her winter home in Aspen to her summer residence in Los Angeles insisted two of her pooches fly first class. Not only that, but they also had separate seats, with each one costing over $2,000 as two minders looked after them.

3. Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is no stranger to showcasing her brilliance, but nowadays she has two little fluffballs on hand to help with her various media duties. The Pomeranian mutts, Penny and Rigby, are so well-travelled that Susan is known to keep a scrapbook detailing their adventures.



In fact, both pets got to meet the Obama family and often accompany their owner on various chat shows including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But the pets aren't always on their best behavior which was illustrated to comic effect when they got into a barking argument live on air with Jerry Springer! 

4. Mischa Barton 

The former star of the popular teen series, 'The O.C.' hasn't gone onto the success many thought she would have but when you have two endearing Pekinese dogs, life can only be good.



However, Ziggy and Charlie weren't originally Mischa's, but she fell in love with them so much that she adopted them soon after and now they go everywhere with her.

5. Adele 

Adele once had two dogs, but the eldest- a 17-year-old miniature pinscher named Atila-  passed away in July 2016 while she was away on tour. Still, Adele and her boyfriend still have an adorable dachshund named Louie to cuddle when the going gets tough.



The pampered hound, who was once pictured looking beyond cute in a mini-parka was named after the jazz singer Louis Armstrong after Louie sang along with Adele to the record. Originally, the songstress was going to name the poor thing “Britney” after attending Britney Spears convert soon after Louie was born.

6. Selena Gomez

Before Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber hastily put an end to their whirlwind relationship, the two stopped by an animal rescue center and decided to bring home and adorable puppy who they later called Baxter.



But upon the messy breakup, Selena was left with Baxter while Justin eventually purchased a chow puppy called Todd.

7. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, like many celebrities, is another star who is keen on adopting dogs from rescue shelters. So far, the Oscar-winning actress has taken three disabled yet happy-go-lucky Chihuahuas from the same California shelter. 



One is called Poppy, a tripod, while the other one pictured is a two-legged sweetheart named Ruby. The third, Bebe, isn't pictured, but she also has a disability in the form of a missing eye. If that wasn't enough generosity, Bullock has also adopted two children from under-privileged homes in America.

8. Blake Lively

The beautiful actress is often pictured carrying her Maltipoo puppy Penny around with her, and it's hard to see why anyone would ever leave such an adorable fluffball at home.



However, according to reports, Penny hasn't taken kindly to Ryan Reynolds- husband of Blake- dog, Baxter and the two are regularly at war with one another!

9. Ciara

Ciara's pups, named Tyson and Georgia, go wherever Ciara goes, and the singer has previously described them as her “everything."



And it seems 'everything' translates into only the very best treatment, and while she may not have purchased two first class seats for them, she does provide them with a Loui Vuitton carrier for whenever they get tired. 

10. Holly Madison

Model, best-selling author and TV personality Holly Madison is an ardent dog lover and was featured on the front cover of The Vegas Dog with her three pooches Napolean, Josephine, and Louis.



The blonde bombshell is a keen animal rights advocate and has appeared in numerous PETA campaigns while also providing her time with the charity 'Last Chance for Animals', where she became heavily involved in their “Adopt. Don’t Shop.” campaign.

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