7 Female Athletes Every Guy Wants To Date

OMG September 7, 2017 By Hugo

Being a professional athlete is an incredibly privileged and awe-inspiring position to be in, and if you have the looks as well as the talent, you quickly become a marketer's dream- just like these talented female athletes.

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Of course, being a beautiful household name will inevitably spawn a host of admirers, so with that said, here are 7 beautiful female athletes that every guy wants to date.

1. Hope Solo

The American goalkeeper Hope Solo is every man's dream: She's confident, sassy, naturally athletic and as if we needed to tell you: ridiculously good looking!

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Now retired, Solo received the Golden Glove award for best goalkeeper at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup and holds several U.S. goalkeeper records including appearances, starts, wins, clean sheets, wins in a season, consecutive minutes played, and longest undefeated streak.

2. Maria Sharapova

Returning to the game after being embroiled in an illegal substance scandal, Maria Sharapova has been ranked world No. 1 in singles by the WTA on five separate occasions and boasts two French Open titles along with titles at the Australian Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. 

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Yes, she's done it all, and because of her runway looks, the leggy blonde's endorsement deals have made her the highest paid female athlete of all time. She is 6ft 2, however, so most guys would probably never make the cut in the first place, but we can always dream! 

3. Eugenie Bouchard

Arguably the hottest property in female tennis at this moment in time, Bouchard's career has stalled in recent years following the former world No.5's crippling straight sets defeat to Petra Kvitova at the final of Wimbledon.

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However, with lucrative endorsements, Bouchard isn't short on money, and she recently made headline news after agreeing to a date with a college student after losing a bet to him on Twitter regarding the outcome of 2017's Super Bowl.

4. Caroline Wozniacki

Despite being a former world number 1, the Dane is yet to win a major grand slam, being a two-time runner-up at the US Open. Still, with Wozniacki's quintessential Nordic looks, the blonde bombshell has made heaps of money off the court thanks to a string of modeling contracts.

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However, Wozniacki's quest for that elusive first grand slam title will probably take precedent over dating, though if Bouchard's willingness to date someone from Twitter is any evidence, you might just want to challenge her to a bet on social media.

5. Kiira Korpi

99.9% of Scandinavian people won the genetic lottery, so it's little surprise that their female athletes are easy on the eye and Finish figure skater Kiira Korpi is no exception. 

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A household name in her country, Korpi is a three-time European medalist and five-time Finish national champion.

6. Malia Manuel

This drop-dead gorgeous Hawaiian surfer is Malia Manuel. Ranked an impressive 5th on the 2014 ASP World Tour, Manuel's signature good looks and surfing achievements have garnered her 174k Instagram followers.

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A resident of Kauai, Manuel's picture-perfect life could make even the most devout of Monks green with jealousy.

7. Therese Johaug

Therese Johaug is an Olympic gold medalist cross-country skier who has accumulated an impressive 7 World Championship medals. 

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A natural beauty if ever there was one, Johaug may just be our favorite Scandinavian on the list.

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