Fantastic Beasts 2 Under Fire For Being Racially Insensitive

OMG September 26, 2018 By Hugo

The Harry Potter spinoff series Fantastic Beasts has come under criticism for racism after the trailer for the second instalment was released yesterday. 

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Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindlewald's main criticism seems to be concerning the casting of Nagini, who is played by the actress Claudia Kim. For the uninitiated, Nagini is Lord Voldemort's snake and perhaps most notably of all, the prized Horcrux, but as this is an origins movie, Nagini is still a human being.

But because Kim is an Asian actress who is destined to end up as Lord Voldemort's slave, many have taken umbrage at the casting on social media.

YA author Ellen Oh went as far as tweeting: "It's okay to love problematic things. I'll be the first to say that the Harry Potter series made me want to write children's books. But let's also talk about the problems. This feels like a problem.

"I feel like this is the problem when white people want to diversify and don't actually ask POC how to do so. They don't make the connection between making Nagini an Asian woman who later on is the pet of a white man. So I'm going to say it right now. That shit is racist."

Another user was equally as dismayed: "Throughout the HP books, Nagini's role is a pet and an object (horcrux) to white man Voldemort. She died as an object, just like how the other horcruxes were destroyed. What makes you think it's okay to cast an Asian woman in that role?"

However, as the Harry Potter books only described Nagini in her snake form, it is hard to determine her true nationality.

JK Rowling later took to Twitter to make clear that Nagini is not an Animagus who can optionally transform into animals but a Maledictus, a condition which sees her suffer from a blood curse, causing her to know that she will one day be trapped as a snake.

What are your thoughts on this latest controversy? Has PC culture gone mad? Or are critics right to point out that Hollywood should be representing ethnic minorities more?

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