Fans Haven't Reacted Well To The News Of A Breaking Bad Film

OMG November 8, 2018 By Hugo

A Breaking Bad movie is officially in the works.

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It's a show that captured the attention of nearly anyone with a working pair of eyes and is considered one of the greatest shows of all time. But Walter White's exploits as a multimillion-dollar meth kingpin appeared to be over, while the hit spinoff series Better Call Saul has almost been as well-received as Breaking Bad itself.

For these simple reasons- which is a credit to the show's creator Vince Gilligan- that fans haven't taken too kindly to the news.

"As much as I loved Breaking Bad, there's no need for a movie to be made, it ended so perfectly well!," one fan exclaimed.

Another was equally as unanimous in their condemnation: "Why why why? The series was amazing, please don't ruin it with an unnecessary film."

One Twitter user even wrote that the much-praised ending of the series could be in jeopardy if a movie was made. "They need to be careful with this. A film about Jesse living a normal life is something that I would like to see, that could work. 

"Maybe he could go back to some of the places where everything happened and it would be like a nice throwback for the audience, that's what would work.

"But if they're gonna try and say Heisenberg is still alive or something like that, as exciting as that is, don't do it, cause it ended beautifully, don't step on that storyline too much."

However, the same was said of Better Call Saul, the widely successful spin-off series which chronicles the rise and eventual fall of sleazy conman and rogue lawyer, Saul Goodman.

Perhaps with that in mind, another user wrote, "It's Vince Gilligan, he wouldn't ruin it. Better Call Saul has people complaining that it's slow, but there are so many things that's got me hooked on it.

"And as a huge fan, I have to know how Better Call Saul will tie itself into the beginning of Breaking Bad."

According to the Alburquerque Journal, production on the movie is expected to commence in mid-November and will likely wrap sometime in February 2019.

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