These Famous Last Words Will Stay With You Forever

OMG April 18, 2018 By Hugo

People have long been fascinated by the reported last words of famous figures. Not only does it tie into our innate interest in the lives of the rich and famous, but it also taps into our fear and curiosity that surrounds the last moments of a human being's life.


With this in mind, we thought we'd scour the web and compile the most poignant last words from an array of historical figures and celebrities. 

1. Bob Marley- "Money can't buy life"

The "One Love" singer's egalitarian beleifs were deeprooted, with Marley advocating equality for all at a time when not every musician of his standing was.


Perhaps owing to his outlook on life, Marley, despite his wealth and success, never immersed himself in the shallow side of the industry, and we can see that in his powerful last words.

2. Joe DiMaggio- "I finally get to see Marylin" 

The legendary baseball player was one of the most prominent personalities the sport, and he set a precedent for other athletes to express themselves and be their own person rather than merely be a commodity to a team.


Best known in the game for his 56-run hitting streak during a 13-year spell with the New York Yankees, DiMaggio's last words were of a more romantic nature compared with the trademark bubbly persona he typically exuded. According to his lawyer who stayed by DiMaggio's side till he passed, he said, "I finally get to see Marylin." 

This was in reference to DiMaggio's 9-month marriage to the film star Marylin Monroe. Despite the quick divorce the famed baller never stopped loving the screen icon, and it is thought she was the only woman he truly loved.

3. Humphrey Bogart- "I should never have switched from scotch to martinis"

Humphrey Bogart was a classic movie star of the Golden Age of Cinema, and with his classic good looks and old-school charm, it wasn't hard to see why.


His last words seem to live up to this image we have of Bogart as a lithe, cool ladies man, with the actor thought to have lamented his decision to switch from scotch to martinis- both incredibly sophisticated beverages. 

4. Thomas Edison- "It is very beautiful out there"

The inventor and businessman came out of a coma right before his death, and in a scene that wouldn't look out of place in a Nicholas Sparks melodrama, he looked directly into his wife's eyes and said, "It's very beautiful out there."


While it's fun to speculate, Edison was likely referring to the view outside the window, rather than trying to convey one last metaphorical piece of wisdom.

5. James Brown- "I'm going away tonight"

The legendary soul singer's fantastic voice earned him numerous accolades and millions of record sales, and it appears his way with words stayed with him right until his death.

Facing the inevitable, Brown is thought to have uttered, "I'm going away tonight" before passing away at the age of 73.

6. Richard Feynman- "I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring"

One of the world's most renowned physicists wasn't in the mood to prolong his death, as his last words seem to suggest.


Lauded as one of the 20th centuries greatest minds, Feynman had little time to ponder his existence as other scientists might have done. Instead, he simply wanted it over with.  

7. Marie Antoinette- "Pardon me, I didn't do it on purpose"

Kings and queens being executed was all the rage before common decency prevailed. However, during the execution of Marie Antoinette, France was rife with class division, and after the revolution, little thought was spared to any members of royalty.


Nevertheless, Antoinette, in typical royal fashion, remained calm and composed when she met her executioner, and instead of screaming for her life, she profusely apologized to the man who would take her life after accidentally stepping on her executioner's foot as she made her way onto the guillotine. 

8. Groucho Marx- "That's no way to live!" 

The comedian and film star certainly had a point when he lamented his last moments in a Los Angeles hospital by exclaiming, "This is no way to live."


In the most literal sense, Marx's words couldn't have been truer.

9. Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor- "I found Rome of clay; I leave it to you of marble"

One of history's most arriviste, successful leaders, Augustus Caesar was a visionary who created one of the world's most famous empires.


Fittingly, for a man who transformed a small area of Itay into a global, overseas empire, Caesar wasn't in the business of selling himself short, and in his final words- thought to be delivered to his subjects- he declared, "I found Rome of clay; I leave it to you of marble."

10. Lou Costello- "That was the best ice cream soda I ever tasted"

Even upon death, one of America's most beloved late actors and comedians managed to showcase his terrific humor.


"That was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted," he said, minutes before dying.

11. John Lennon- "I'm shot"

After being shot several times in the back by gunman Mark David Chapman, Lennon told the receptionist in the nearby building, "I'm shot."


Incidentally, when a journalist asked Chapman why he did it, he said, "I thought I would acquire his fame." 

12. John Wayne- "Of course I know who you are. You're my girl. I love you"

One of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, Wayne's famous last words to his wife, who was with him on his deathbed were powerful as they were sad.


"Of course I know who you are. You're my girl. I love you," he said to his wife when he was asked if he recognized her.

13. Steve Jobs- "Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow"

Long heralded as a visionary genius for forming the American computer giant, Apple, it appears even a man as intelligent as Jobs couldn't predict the next stage of his life, and rather than wax lyrical about the philosophies of death like many other great minds might do, he is thought to have become incredibly overwhelmed.


"Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow," he is rumored to have said.

14. Elvis Presley- "I'm going to the bathroom to read"

Elvis Presley was arguably the first rock n' roll star, but he had a less fashioned end to his life than the one which characterized his legendary career.


In fact, Elvis not only suffered a fatal heart attack, but his dignity was stripped when he was found dead while sitting on the toilet. "I'm going to the bathroom to read," he is thought to have said before passing away. 

15. James Dean

Moments before his fatal high-speed crash in a Porsche 550 Spyder, the Hollywood actor James Dean is thought to have told his friend and fellow passenger Rolf Wütherich, "That guy's gotta stop... He'll see us."


Sadly his car, which he nicknamed, "Little Bastard", collided head-on with a Ford Tudor at speeds thought to be more than 55mph. James Dean died in the arms of friend Bill Hickman later in hospital.

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