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Famous People's Myspace Profiles Before They Made It

Celebs January 4, 2017 By Hugo

Remember MySpace? You know? That social network created by Tom Anderson who'd automatically add you as a friend and then allow you to design a profile that best displayed your angst-ridden teenage years via gothic fonts and emo playlists?

Yes, before Facebook, there was Myspace, a social network that soon crumbled into the abyss of the Internet archives. And thank god it did, as most of us had at least one embarrassing photo on the site before we all dwarfed into serious Facebook users and celebrities were no exception.

Better yet, these profiles were created pre-fame, and thanks to snapshots of their profiles circulating online, many of their Myspace photos and bios can easily be found.

Here are some of the best. 

1.  Taylor Swift

Was there ever a time when Taylor Swift wasn't famous? Well, yes. In fact, the country-turned-pop superstar graduated from High School in Tennesse, (albeit a year early to accommodate her touring) before the release of her debut album, Fearless. This allowed Tay-Tay to lead a relatively normal childhood and thank goodness she did, otherwise, we wouldn't have her amazing Myspace profile to gawk over. 



Describing herself as someone who 'loves trucks' and someone who 'doesn't write a lot of love songs', things have no doubt changed for the songstress, who has made an estimated $250m writing and performing songs about the very thing she said she didn't. But hey, if you look fabulous in a yellow spelling bee t-shirt, anyone can be forgiven, especially Taylor. 

2. Tom Hardy

Everyone loves Tom Hardy. He's a brilliant actor who's overcome various obstacles in his life to get to where he is today. He's hot as well, which makes liking him even easier, but some of his Myspace photos verge on the embarrassing.



Looking like a grade A stoner, and posing in briefs whiter than your dad's, these are just a few of the many photos from Tom Hardy's Myspace that have to be seen to be believed.

3. Harry Styles

Arguably the most famous member of the British boyband One Direction, Harry Styles was thrust into the limelight following a successful audition for Britain's X Factor series, and the then 16-year-old moppy-haired sensation quickly made girls around the world weak at the knees.



But it's easy to forget that Styles was still a child when he shot to fame, and it was only 3 years before his audition that he first created his adorable Myspace page, which shows a pre-pubescent and short-haired Harry on holiday with his mother and step-dad.

As well as a few holiday snaps,  the customary Andy Warhol-inspired Apple filter photos were uploaded, with Harry keen to inform us that his name is indeed Harry and that he'd love to meet Superman. 

Oh, and did we tell you that his profile still hasn't been taken down? Yes, Hazza has many gifts, and the gift of nonchalance appears to be another.

4. Katy Perry

She may now be at loggerheads with Taylor Swift, but in her more formative years, Katy Perry seemed more worried about her pimping career if her bio, which hilariously read, 'Ya Know It' hard out thur 4 a Pimp' was any indication.



As well as this cringeworthy bio, the multi-platinum selling hitmaker also informs us that while she isn't a vegetarian, she does indeed drive a hybrid. Oh, Katie, you were Hollywood before you even knew it! 

5. Lana Del Rey

Ask anyone what they think about Lana Del Rey and the first thing that springs to mind is cool, but don't be fooled; Lana was just like us awkward human beings at one time in her life. Creating a profile under her real name; Lizzy Grant, the singer, who would go on to worldwide success following the viral success of her single, Video Games, listed some rather surprising musical influences



Including them on her profile, the New Jersey native listed morphine and poison, which admittedly is not that surprising, although listing Britney Spears sure is. With that said, she sounded more like the Lana we know today in her bio, with it reading 'Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.

6. Kesha

The brash superstar has been in the news for unfortunate reasons in recent years, which is a great shame as Kesha was kicking-ass not too long ago before her much-publicised spat with her manager DJ Luke. But hey, if you look back at her Myspace past, we're sure even Kesha herself chuckles at some of the stuff she wrote on it.



And whether it's gems like wishing she was a man because "it's all about the bj's and trash-trash' or prophetically writing ' I'm f***ing rad. I'm taking over', there's no doubting that the Tick-Tock star's old Myspace is up there with the very best. 

7. Nial Horan

Admittedly, this cute photo of a baby-faced Nial Horan is from Bebo, a social-networking website whose demise was even worse than Myspace. Anyway, the Irish crooner looks blissfully unaware, much like his future bandmate Harry Styles, that his face will one day be plastered across billboards. 



Taken from his bedroom in the small Irish village of Mullingar, Nial's guitar in the background almost serves as an indicator of what would lie ahead for the small-town singer while another photo unearthed online, appears to show a naughty Nial drinking underage. But heck, when you're from Ireland drinking is a right of passage.

8. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj gives off the impression that she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, so she probably won't care that many pre-fame photos of her are displayed on her old Myspace page.



Looking much like she does now, the brazen rapper pouts her way through most of the photos, though the primary aim of her page appeared to be to promote her mixtape, 'Playtime is over.' 

9. Louis Tomlinson

Okay, we've already included way too many members of One Direction, but it's hard not to when they have such funny photos of their pre-fame days, and Louis Tomlinson arguably has the best of the lot. Captured during his teenage years growing up in the Northern town of Doncaster, England, Tomlinson seemed to be a bit of a teenage tearaway.


The self-confessed cheeky one of the band, Tomlison's photos, which of that there are many, consist mostly of being a goofball, or in this picture, swearing at the camera while drinking a can of beer. Ever the charmer, Louis!

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may be famous for all the wrong reasons in many people's eyes, but in the modern-day world of celebrity, a high social media following typically translates into A-list celebrity status, a box Kim Kardashian and her annoying cohort of siblings ticks with ease. 


Analysing her Myspace profile, you can tell Kim had her heart set on fame, with her header quote reading 'I'm a PRINCESS and you're not so there!' She did list her father as her hero though so we can't be too hard on the reality star. But yeah, she's still annoying.

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