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Famous Instagram Profiles That Have Made Everyone Jealous

Celebs October 20, 2016 By Hugo

The world wide web has opened up our eyes to many things over the years and has made society less reliant on major news sources for information. But the internet, as much as we'd like to believe, isn't solely used for spreading information. In recent years, at least, the internet has become a playground for selfies and vines, with people getting rich and famous simply by documenting what they had for dinner. 

But there's another breed of internet star out there that is arguably more powerful than all others: The Instagram star.

Since its launch in 2010, the photo-sharing platform has proliferated into the world's second largest social network and as well as furthering the careers of many well-known stars; it has also created many of its own.

Here, we profile some of those stars, who, whether people admire their lifestyle or not, have no doubt left users intrigued by their seemingly other-worldly lives.

1. Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarez 

While the two models may have separate accounts, Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarez are very much a double act. Often described as the 'perfect couple', the duo has made millions documenting their adventures in some of the most paradisiacal places on earth, all while being ridiculously good looking, of course.



Ren and Alvarez, who boast a combined 11.4m Instagram followers, have also been the bone of contention due to some viewing their actions as unauthentic and setting unrealistic relationship goals. Because of this, a YouTube video entitled "'Alexis Ren & Jay Alvarez Are Not 'Goals'" quickly went viral, with the user criticising modern-day society's fascination with all things beautiful.

2. Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian was arguably Instagram's first celebrity after gaining notoriety for posting photos of his decadent and hedonistic lifestyle. The entrepreneur and professional poker player, who is rumoured to have inherited part of his wealth from his father, has a net worth of $150m and was once described by Bluff Magazine as the "Funniest poker player on Twitter."



The social media personality, who boasts 19m Instagram followers, is regularly inundated with messages from fans wishing to swap their lives for his although his fast-paced lifestyle has already given the multi-millionaire two heart attacks.

3. Hot Dudes With Dogs

Have you ever wanted all your dreams to come true at once? Well, providing hot guys and adorable puppies are your thing then you can have it all by looking at people who have it all. Yes, believe it or not, there is an Instagram page entitled' hotdudeswithdogs.'


Flooded with photos of male models posing with miniature pups (not that we're complaining), many of its 405k followers are no doubt lustful women fed up with the beguiled world of online dating.

4. Hot Girls Eating Pizza 

It seems unfair that you can get rich off eating pizza and still look incredibly thin, but it appears that that's the reality for a lucky few.  


Marta Freedman, the person behind the popular page, only started it "as a joke" after a bitter breakup. What followed was a rebound with someone new: pizza. Yes, what began as Freedman taking photos of herself at her favourite pizza joints quickly turned into a montage of others feasting away at the Italian cuisine too. 

Described as a "tasteful photo project," Freedman's page has since spawned into a celebration of women the world over looking great... while eating pizza, of course.

5. Nala the Cat

They say a cat's life is often the best life and one cat that fits that phrase more than any other is Nala who, as the most followed cat on Instagram, is certainly a feline who enjoys the finer things in life. 


Meanwhile, as you read this article, Nala, who boast over 3m Instagram followers, has probably already made another $1000. Whoever told you life was hard wasn't lying. A cat's earning more than you. That's gotta hurt.

6. Oscar PR Girl

As one of the world's foremost fashion designers, Oscar de la Renta lives a life few experience but most dream of and as such her right-hand lady has a 1.5m strong following on Instagram.


While it may not be Oscar's account, the profile allows you to experience the latest awe-inspiring designs and peek inside one of the world's most secretive industries. For fashionistas, this is one such account that will leave most with a severe bout of Instagram envy. 

7. Evan Luthra

Unlike most young people who unashamedly flaunt their wealth on Instagram, Even Luthra can be forgiven due to being one of the world's youngest self-made millionaires.


At only 13, Evan began developing mobile applications and by the age of 20 was spearheading his company, El Group International. 

Posting lavish photos of gold-plated Bentley's and opulent parties, Evan isn't afraid to share his ruthless ambition with his followers, accompanying one post with the caption, "Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity, that's how rich I want to be."

Oh, Evan... and there was us thinking you were different to the other rich kids of Instagram. 

8. Tom Ford is my Dad

First things first, this account does not belong to the son of Tom Ford. No, the account belongs to a popular illustrator and photographer from New York.


Regularly updating the page with the latest designer labels, gold watches and remarkable footwear, we can't help but wonder how a photographer is managing to afford such luxuries, but we're still totally jealous.

9. Maya Henry

When your father pays $6m for your 15th birthday party, you've probably known for some time that your life isn't like most. Yes, Maya loves flaunting her fortunate upbringing to her 44.k followers and is often pictured with celebrities. 


As well as her endless list of celebrity selfies, the Texan is also pictured on various yachts and first class plane trips, leading many to label her one lucky rich girl.

10. Mark Francis Vandelli

As the son of a Russian aristocrat and ridiculously wealthy Italian businessman, Mark Francis, like with many others on this list, had a privileged upbringing, not that he's ever been ashamed of showcasing it.


Known in his native England for his role on the reality TV show Made in Chelsea, Mark is also Instagram famous and is often pictured with prominent people in his favourite industry: fashion. As for the other photos? Be prepared for a lot of tailored clothes and model-like pouts. 

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