11 Facts About McDonald's You Never Knew

FUN FACTS October 19, 2017 By Vincent

McDonald's is a ubiquitous fast-food chain across the globe and one of the most recognizable brands ever so you'd think most people would know all there is to know about the company but that's just not the case. Here are 11 interesting facts that you never knew about McDonald's.

1. Founder Ray Kroc Had A Rather Ruthless Approach To Business

A travelling salesman at the time he came across the McDonald's brothers family restaurant, it was Kroc who came up with the idea of franchising their super fast method of making burgers but he was so determined for success he would quite often go against the brother's wishes even though it was their names on the sign.


He has been famously credited for saying "Contracts are like hearts. They're meant to be broken."

2. The First Thing On the Menu Was A Hot Dog

The business started out as a hot dog stand in 1937 and did not sell the burgers that it is famous for today.


They changed tack in 1948 when they changed the business to a burger and milkshake joint and are now the biggest burger chain in the world.

3. In Germany You Can Buy Beer

Cultural differences, laxer laws, and cheaper beer mean that in Germany, McDonald's sell beer to discerning customers should they wish to have an alcoholic beverage with their meal.

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4. If McDonald's Were a Country They'd be the 68th Richest in The World

The restaurant chain makes around $27.45billion a year, approximately $75.21 million a day.

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This makes them about as profitable as the entirety of Sri Lanka or Cuba.

5. McDonald's Is The Largest Distributor of Toys in The World

With around 20% of their sales being Happy Meals, and each one of these including a toy, McDonald's distributes about 1.5 billion toys a year which is more than either of the two biggest toy companies Hasbro and Mattel.


6. There Are Regional Menu Variations

Sometimes a burger just won't do and so there can be some regional variations, for example, in India there are veggie burgers on sale with curry sauce as a condiment and in China taro pies are sold which use the vegetable taro.


In Hawaii, a deluxe breakfast includes spam and in Malaysia you can get a chicken porridge with scallions, ginger, and chilies.

7. One in Eight Americans Has Worked For McDonald's At Some Point in Their Lives

This amazing statistic means that many Americans have been in the fast-food industry including the likes of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, actors DL Hughley and Rachel McAdams, singers Seal and Shania Twain and comedian Jay Leno.


8. The Golden Arches Are More Recognisable Than The Christian Cross

Sponsorship Research International conducted a survey of 7,000 people in six countries and found that 88% managed to identify McDonald’s famous arches, whilst only 54% identified the Christian cross.

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9. Burger On Burger Crime

In 2005, a man named Ronald McDonald, just like the company's famous clown character, robbed a Wendy's restaurant in New Hampshire.


10. McDonald's Feeds 68 million People Each Day

That's right, 68 million people walk through their doors for food or get a drive-thru meal each day (whilst moreget coffee) which is the population of the UK or about 1% of the entire world. That's about 75 hamburgers every second.


11.  They Serve 1 Billion Cups Of Coffee A Day

That's an awful lot of caffeine.


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