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28 Extremely Amusing People of Walmart Photos That Will Make Your Day!

LOL February 7, 2017 By Hugo

To most Americans, the mass retailer Walmart is a national institution and a place which stocks and sells nearly everything imaginable, so it's only fitting their clientele are equally as diverse. But not in the ways you might think.


Indeed while America may be synonymous with multicultured societies, it appears the shoppers of Walmart have taken the idea of living in 'The Land of the Free' to a whole new level by displaying some truly bizarre outfits.

Here are some brilliant examples.

1. Checking her out 

Walmart's regular customers seem to be on the heavier side so often own mobility scooters to help make life easier for them... and their eyes.


Judging by the dude's darted gaze, we're sure he's become a pro at eyeing up the Walmart ladies even if it does make him look like a total creep. Whatever makes you happy, buddy! 

2. Killer claws 

People who don't cut their toenails can be a nightmare to sleep with because it's basically like sleeping with a pair of scissors, so you can only spare a thought for the spouse of whoever this is.


But hey, they could very well be for show and little else, but quite why you'd want to let the world know you have killer claws is hard to comprehend!

3. Spiderman on his lunch break

Even superheroes aren't too good for a place as collectively valued as Walmart, and as it stocks pretty much every energy snack imaginable, we're sure Spidey makes regular jaunts when he's off duty to stock up.


Just don't relax for too long, buddy. The world needs you right now!

4. Not everyone likes Walmart

You've got to feel sorry for this man! Not only did his outfit's color coordination not work, but he also looks like he's seen enough weird Walmart shoppers to last him a lifetime so perhaps that's why he was pictured looking like a moldy tortilla chip.



Not only this but his concealed face makes him look like a man-child version of South Park's Kenny, and thus he became a Person of Walmart. Can it get any worse for this guy?!

5. Cruella de Vil makes an appearance at her local store

She famously had 101 Dalmatians, so it's little wonder Cruella de Vil decided to leave little to the imagination when making a trip to her local Walmart.


Admittedly, we've got to give her some credit. She still doesn't care what people think, even if she is a known hater of spotted dogs...

6. When you've given up caring about the opinions of others 

We at OMG Lane aren't in the business of poking fun at others, and when we see someone different our first thought is: Good on you! Albeit, he/she does look slightly terrifying...


Still, so long as they're nice, then what better place to showcase your individualness than at a Walmart check-out? 

7. Walmart is an equal opportunity employer, and that includes Trekkies! 

Spock's eye-catching and extreme linear eyebrows have long been the rage with eager Trekkies, even if they happen to be working at WalMart! 


Then again, if Star Wars enthusiasts can register as a member of a religious domination, we're pretty sure Trekkies are allowed to exhibit their true colours at work.

8. Trying on a skirt needn't require a changing room

It's a hard life when you're in a near-empty store, and you want to try on a dress but realise the changing room requires an extra 5 meters walking so this man had no shame and decided to pull it over his head and pull down his jeans instead.


A genius time-saver, no doubt. Someone who has the interests of others' eyes at heart, he is not.

9. Superheros new and old frequent Walmart on a daily basis

Even superheroes retire someday so what better way to see out your days than with a mobility scooter and a trip to Walmart?


Granted, this caped-hero may not have the same athletic prowess of years gone by but if you've been saving the world your whole life you deserve all the weight gain in the world!

10. Too much make-up?

While being unique and unafraid to experiment is more commendable than looking like an average, everyday citizen, people take their outfit choices a bit too far!


In this case, this woman looks as like she's just been shoved into a makeup factory and made to stay there overnight and then got bored and decided to make the most of the free products at her disposal. But hey, at least you're turning heads, sweetie! 

11. When you're trying to be a role model for your daughter.....

Parenting is a personal discipline. Methods that work for others might not work for another family, but there are very few mothers who would take their daughter shopping with their tramp stamp showing, not to mention having 'HOPE' emblazoned across their jean's pockets.


Dear oh dear, Lord give us HOPE! 

12. A multicoloured zebra?

Nothing says 'going for a casual shop' like stepping out in a pink, and purple lycra onesie with Waldo's underpants and odd Christmas stockings for socks adorning it.

Source: walmartpeople.net

Whatever look she intended, we think she looks more like a zebra who touched too many wet paint signs.

13. Getting glammed up

Another person who saw fit to throw their best clothes on and totter down the supermarket aisles in their high-heels was this woman.

Source: hyperviral.net

 Not that the male customers complained.

14. Superkid 

This child isn't a cutie pie wearing a luchador mask; she's an annoying screaming child; the most expensive thing in a parent's life.

Source: twitter.com

With that said, she's just a kid, though with so many adults looking like her, we wonder if Walmart causes a growth defect in their customers. 

15. Party up in here!

Only the People of Walmart could make the mundane task of pushing a trolley around appear amusing! Just look at them! They look like they're having the time of their life.

Source: youtube.com

Maybe we should just shop at Walmart every day? It might just help boost our serotonin levels if their giddy faces are any indication! 

16. Acceptable in the 80's

Somewhat reversing the famous Nike slogan 'Just do it', this non-conformist lets us know he isn't as boring as the rest of us! 

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

Better still, his purple facial hair is what dreams are made of. Rock on, brother! 

17. Hot dog head

We all like a good hot dog, but some in Walmart take their love of their favourite foods to the next level....

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

But he's ridiculously cute, so if anyone can get away with this look, it's him!

18. Spreading Christmas cheer 

Ho ho ho! Getting into the Christmas spirit is all well and good, but some take the festive season a bit too far.

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

But if you want to take advantage of someone's Christmas spirit and ask them for a present, then this is your guy!

19. Big Panda

Maybe this is a feeble attempt at being funny, but most likely it's a middle-aged woman going through a mid-life crisis.

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

In fairness who wouldn't want to be a panda? They eat and sleep most days, and this woman appears to want in on the lifestyle.

20. Cross-dresser

Walmart: A place where men can wear whatever socks they like.. and pink hats... and baby blue tutus.

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

So long as he's happy....

21. The Adult Baby

Is that a diaper or a dress?

Source: indulgy.com

Whatever it is, you probably won't eradicate this image out of your mind anytime soon. Sorry..

22. Setting the Place Alight

Some people can pull off any outfit, with Satan being one such person.

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

Or is it a weak attempt at a tribute to Axel Rose? You decide..

23. Double trouble

The fact that America has an obesity problem is nothing new- but a woman on a mobility scooter with two bottoms? Well, that's not something you see every day....

Source: reddit.com

Here's hoping she found the fried chicken section! 

24. Elvis isn't dead

This man has style, and though he may be in the wrong era, at least he knows Walmart stock a variety of hair gels.

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

And yes, that's what Elvis would look like with blonde hair. Thanks for showing us an image we've always wished for, Blonde Lookalike Elvis!

25. The Girlfriend and the Troll

While true love means seeing past the aesthetics of an individual, it must take a whole lot more to see past this man's horns.

Source: peopleofwalmart.co

But hey, he must be good in bed, seeing as he's a horny dude....

26. The greatest moustache ever?

Is it fake? Or real? Well if it's spotted in Walmart, chances are it's probably authentic.

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

Not that we care! Either way, it's epic and fully in line with his card-carrying Republican image.

27. "Aye Me Hearties!"

Even Pirates aren't dismissive of Walmart's greatness. Let's hope he's paying for those and not just plundering them.

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

Not that we would argue with a pirate....

28. If Looks Could Kill

If all these photos weren't enough inspiration to get you running to your nearest Walmart, then having the possibility of running into these two horrific-looking clowns sure won't either.

Source: peopleofwalmart.com

They don't bite, though! We promise. 

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