Exciting Paul Walker Documentary In The Works At Paramount

OMG February 28, 2018 By Hugo

More than five years after his death, Paramount Network will pay homage to Paul Walker with a new documentary chronicling his extraordinary rise to fame and his untimely death at the age of 40.

The documentary will be overseen by Network Entertainment filmmaker Derik Murray, who managed production on the well-received documentaries about Heath Ledger and John F. Kennedy Jr.  According to People, the documentary will offer viewers a 'never-before-seen comprehensive look at Walker.'

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"I Am Paul Walker" will feature interviews with Walker's co-stars, as well as with those who knew him best. Paramount's exciting new documentary will also shed light on his philanthropy; something Walker was actively involved in, most notably after the island of Hati was hit by a fatal earthquake back in 2010. 

The documentary is also likely to devote a significant portion of its running time to the late star's involvement in the street racing franchise, Fast and Furious. Playing the protagonist Brian O'Conner, Walker's name is synonymous with the series, but he first made his name as a heartthrob, starring in teen flicks such as She's All That, Varsity Blues and Pleasantville.

Tragically, Furious 7 was his last acting credit, before he died in a car crash in November 2013, and the film's producers even toyed with the idea of ending the series altogether before coming up with a fitting send-off. Due to Walker passing away before filming had finished, modern technologies were used to make Walker's presence believable.

Speaking about the difficulties that came with continuing the franchise without the franchise's lead actor, co-star Michelle Rodriguez said, "It was hard to move on without him. He is the essence of why we were excited to come on-board because he kept that childhood excitement about that realm and following through in what we were doing.

"He's a big part of the family, but at the end of the day, we have a big responsibility, and it's a global one so we gotta keep on trucking."

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