Everyone Believes Blake Shelton's Sexiest Man Title Should Have Gone To Idris Elba

OMG November 17, 2017 By Hugo

People magazine announced this week that the country artist Blake Shelton was 2017's Sexiest Man Alive, yet many on social media are up in arms about this, with the consensus being that the British actor Idris Elba was robbed of the title. 

And in fairness, we can see why. The devilishly handsome actor can seemingly do no wrong at the moment, with his acting career now at an all-time high after coming to prominence as the drug baron Stringer Bell in the critically acclaimed HBO series, The Wire.

DoD News via Wikimedia Commons

One Twitter user even added a dose of political satire to the debate, tweeting, "Obviously Idris Elba won the popular vote for Sexiest Man Alive while Blake Shelton squeezed in on the electoral college. It's the election all over again."

Others were equally as witty. User PNWWONDERWOMAN wrote, "Hey @people, you spelled "Idris Elba" wrong. #SexiestManAlive," while Thomas Nassif asked, "Idris Elba is still alive no?"

Still, Blake Shelton, who may we remind you, is married to the gorgeous pop star Gwen Stefani, doesn't seem to be too phased by the haters.

In fact, he was even filmed backstage at the Ellen show reading out hateful tweets about his title, and he even read out his favourite, which went, "We may be living in a time of division and strive but at least People magazine has united us in our certainty that Blake Shelton is not the Sexiest Man Alive."

Whatever your thoughts on the country crooner, there's no denying he has a good sense of humor, which may be one the reasons why editors awarded him the title in the first place.

It's also widely believed that the person chosen by the magazine has to accept the title and the obligatory photo shoots, which has reportedly put off the likes of Ryan Gosling, who is thought to have turned the title down numerous times.

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