Epic Trampoline Fails To Make You LOL

LOL July 17, 2017 By Vincent

Ah trampolining, the simple joy of bouncing up and down for the thrill of breaking free of gravity for a few fleeting seconds only to be roughly brought back down again, for the force to then launch you higher!

For many, the action of this alone is enough but for others, they like to take this further by trying to perform elaborate actions and stunts with their bounces.

Some people have what we like to call the trampoline curse, and they should stay as far away from those bouncing contraptions as they can! 

Take, for example, this fella'. This isn't going to end well, is it?

Well, we did tell you didn't we.

Hmm, flipping onto a horse can only end well surely?

Actually, not bad seems to be going quite well

Ah no, maybe not. We bet the horse is not too happy about it either. Respect your animals people!

This seems like a safe bet. just going up and down, nothing can go wrong here, providing they've made sure that trampoline can take the weight of both of them.

Oh dear, always remember to undertake regular trampoline maintenance and watch out for loose springs.

Those safety nets surrounding the trampoline are always a good idea if you're trying to minimize accidents and injury.

That is unless you are big enough to bounce right over them.

Jumping from the roof? Well, we know this is going to end badly.

Told you so. We bet that hurt too.

To watch these hilarious trampoline fails and plenty more play out, give the video below a click and then let us know what you think in the comments section.


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