15 Epic Photos That Proves Russia Is The Funniest Place On Earth!

LOL May 11, 2018 By Hugo

Mother Russia is one of the most no-nonsense countries on Earth, and this is why we love Russia! The people are badass and fearless and are certainly no pushovers, but they also know how to have a great time, especially when alcohol and extreme weather is involved!


Proving they have a unique sense of humour, we've compiled a hilarious montage of epic fails and funny moments that occurred in Russia. 

1. She probably has bigger arms than you

Coming to terms with the fact you're not as strong as a woman is an age-old fear and shame many men have, despite living in the 21-st century. So if you're one of those men who feel challenged by strong women, Russia may not be for you!


Just look at her. With a face like Barbie and arms like a heavyweight boxer, she's most certainly a standout beauty

2. Aspiring Models Will Do Anything To Get Noticed

Becoming a model in Russia can often be a  way out of poverty for many girls, so much so that they will go to great lengths to showcase their beauty- even in rubbish dumps!


Poking fun at her country's obsession with making it in the fashion world, this woman certainly has a good chance of a career in comedy if runway modelling doesn't work out. 

3. Don't Mind Me!

While Russian gangsters have been heavily stereotyped in Hollywood, the cliche still appears to be based on some truth if this poor hostage is any indication!


Quite whether this photo is staged or not is hard to tell but it still makes for an incredibly bizarre picture. 

4. No One Drinks Vodka Like The Russians! 

Russians are the 4th heaviest drinkers on Earth, and this photo proves that such an accolade isn't going to change anytime soon! It's ingrained in the Russian culture to be festive and merry, and drinking (and the occasional sandal) plays a prominent role.


It should come as little surprise that the country's national drink, vodka, derives from the word "voda", which means "water." No wonder they can drink most people under the table.

5. Tank Drivers Not Welcome

It seems unfair that this great tank was clamped when there probably wasn't a no tanks sign anywhere to be seen. If you're asking us, this is evident tank discrimination! 


It's safe to say the driver was nowhere in sight when the warden decided to clamp it

6. Russia: A Nation of Strong Women! 

Russians have built up a firm resolve over the years owing to the tough climate, and such strength equally applies to its women! 


Fearless, impassioned, and unafraid to go against patriarchal stereotypes, Russian women are beautiful for many reasons, and not just because of their model-like looks!

7. For The Love of Bears!

Russians love bears because, like themselves, they are brawny, fearless, and strong-willed, but quite how they managed to get on top these horses and race them is unknown! 


Our only guess is that they were trained from an early age to do so in the hopes OMG Lane would one day write an article about it. 

8. Too Small?

Russians have built many significant buildings and historical monuments, but it seems one thing they haven't quite mastered is the appropriate measurements of an ATM in proportion to the average human being!


While Russians have a reputation for being incredibly leggy and beautiful, not every Russian is a 6ft supermodel, as this poor lady proves.

9. The greatest multitasker ever?

How many times have you been late in the morning because you spent longer than necessary in the bathroom? Well, fear not, as one innovative man in Russia may have the answer to your prayers!


Cruising in a motor bathtub, this original creation deserves full plaudits, even if he did get pulled over by police!

10. Would Your Horse Like Anything? 

McDonald's is ubiquitous to all parts of the world, even in some of the most rural towns in Russia! While modern infrastructure is prevalent throughout the world's biggest country, most of the business and commerce is centred in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Well, except McDonald's.


For the more sequestered parts of the country, getting around town on a horse and carriage is more common than you'd think, even if they live in a time where American fast food companies have set up shop in their little old towns!

11. "Don't Mind Me, Guys!" 

We all know Russian weather can dip well below freezing, but rather than complain and stay indoors like most of us would, this man decided to embrace the conditions and warm his bum up instead!


In a rather novel way, the man, clad in what appears to be thick, protective clothing, sits on burning fire and smiles for the camera! What a guy. 

12. Russian Magic!

Russian circuses are known for their delightful dexterity and awe-inspiring routines, but this Russian soldier may be the most talented of them all!


Just look at the plate. Nothing falls off. How.... magical. 

13. Wait For It...

Another spellbinding magician, this man at first appears to be showing off his massive ushanka hat until he reveals what it actually is.


While it isn't a grizzly bear, it is a very plump and fluffy kitty.

14. Russian Women aren't afraid of the cold! 

Whether it's working on building sites in sub-zero conditions or herding cattle in the coldest regions of Siberia, Russian people simply get on with their lives, and hitting the town in the cold also goes on like normal! 


After all, why would you want to party in sensible clothing when you could sit in the boot of a cab and look like a movie star?

15. A Bear's Night Out

You almost have to blink twice. A bear drinking with humans who also has less facial hair than them. Wow. Just wow. While the grizzly looks to be no more than an infant, it's still an unusual sight. Just imagine walking into your local tavern and seeing a man drinking with a frickin' bear!


Whether the bear got into a drunken brawl on his way home has yet to be confirmed.  .

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