Emily Blunt To Play James Bond?

Celebs June 21, 2018 By Hugo

Daniel Craig's successful spell as James Bond looks to be drawing to a close, with speculation rife as to who will replace him.

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While Craig looks set to appear in at least two more films for a mammoth $150m, that hasn't stopped Taylor Swift's ex Tom Hiddleston, uber-cool thespian, Edris Elba, and British stud Tom Hardy being linked to the role.

However, with diversity being a key issue in Hollywood, many industry insiders have speculated that a woman could get the role instead, and bookmakers seem to agree. Currently, the odds of a next female bond are 12/1, with Blunt's odds a little higher at 40/1.

One man who thinks the Devil Wears Prada actress would be a good Bond is her husband, John Krasinski. "I think a woman Bond would be amazing... They just did it on Doctor Who and people went ballistic [with excitement]," he said to London's Evening Standard.

"Emily would be an amazing Bond. Would she do it? I don't know. But I would love to see her do it. I love to see her do anything, but the Bond franchise for me is so [great]."

The male front runner appears to be Tom Hardy, though Idris Elba is very much a possibility. Speaking to a British newspaper, one bookmaker said, "Idris Elba has been suggested as a candidate for the next James Bond for a while now but if the bets we're seeing are anything to go by he would be a hugely popular pick as 007."

Boardwalk Empire and American Hustle star Jack Huston is also in the running, as is Poldark's Aidan Turner.

For now, though, Craig will appear in the 25th movie of the franchise, which is currently untitled. 

What are your thoughts on the new James Bond? Should a woman really be cast in a man's role simply because of diversity?

Or would it be refreshing and exciting to see an actress like Blunt in the role?

As always, be sure to leave your comments below. 

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