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15 Embarrassing Costume Mistakes In Movies

Celebs December 1, 2016 By Vincent

We all love a good movie, the escapism and storytelling can often take us away from reality and immerse us in worlds and times that we have no experience of or it can just plunge us into nostalgia for ages long gone. Either way, millions of dollars are spent on perfecting costumes and making sure continuity is right so as to have the most realistic settings possible.


Despite this, sometimes costume mistakes still crop up and pull you completely out of the moment. Here we look at a few of the worst offenders.

1. She's All That

In the 1999 film, a school sports star loses his popularity after he loses his girlfriend to a reality TV star. Desperate to get his popularity back, he claims he can make any girl in the school prom Queen and is then challenged to do just that with  a shy, retiring art student. Being set in the era it was filmed made continuity errors easier to stamp out but there is still a glaring mistake.

Film Colony/ Youtube.com

Film Colony/ Youtube.com

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe's character gets a tattoo of a heart but in a later scene; it's disappeared! I guess you could say she had a change of heart.... 

2.Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark 

Filmed in 1981, the action-adventure epic was set in 1933 and has many military personnel in authentic Nazi uniforms and other ephemera of the era. However, some of these soldiers are seen sporting war medals but with the war not starting until 1939, these medals would not yet have been awarded.


Another issue is that an extra on set didn't wear clothing of the era and instead strolled about in a T-shirt and jeans. It's hard to get your head around a visionary genius like Steven Spielberg not noticing a man in modern clothing walking through a street supposedly set in the 1930s.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 

Only a meter or two away from Jack Sparrow himself, whether pirates sported shoulder- high sleeves, Rayban sunglasses and straw hats in 18th century Jamaica is highly unlikely. Actually a camera operator who was caught in the shot, he made it onto the movie about Pirates sailing around the Caribbean.


This, however, was not the only mistake the movie made.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Setting a film in the 18th century makes it very hard/expensive to find actual period clothing so most of the time the costume department just makes something up out of contemporary materials. In the case of Jack Sparrow's headband, it was an Adidas one but someone forgot to take out the label.


Adidas sponsors a lot of well-known figures, but a deranged pirate? Come on....

10. Glory

One scene in the civil war epic drama, 'Glory' involves young black children waving at Northern soldiers as they proceed through a liberated plantation. But the emotional scene is overshadowed by a glaring directorial mistake.


The error being a digital watch worn around the wrist of one soldier. Way to go at ruining an emotional scene!

7. Gods and Generals

Another civil war movie that slipped up and this one being made in 2033, 14 years later than Glory which came out in 1989, you would have thought they would have learned from the mistakes of their predecessors but apparently not as this soldier clearly has a very not period timepiece strapped to his wrist.


What is it with modern-day watches and civil war movies?

5. Thunderball

A classic James Bond movie, we're used to silly gadgets cropping up in them that could routinely explain continuity errors but one thing that didn't get past our attention was his color changing diving mask that switches from blue to black for no apparent reason apart aesthetics...maybe.


Come on, Bond! You may be a spy, but you're not fooling us!

6. The Ten Commandments

In the biblical epic about Moses receiving the ten commandments from God, the film is set in Egypt where Anne Baxter played the pharaoh's betrothed Princess Nefertiri. She appears in many scenes and often the lace of her brassiere can be seen poking out of her garments. Given that brassieres weren't really a thing until 1837 this wouldn't have been an issue in ancient Egypt and this style wasn't prominent until the 1950s.


Taking a look at her dress, that bright color blue was not available on clothes at the time as they dyes would not have been able to be created.

7. Pride and Prejudice

In the film adaptation of Jane Austen's romantic novel, Elizabeth Bennet is seen wearing rubber wellington boots in many scenes. Given that the book was written in 1813 and put into a contemporary setting this wouldn't have occurred as the rubber boot was not produced until 1853.


Admittedly not as bad as some of the others on this list but if you know your history, this one will be irksome.

8. Pearl Harbor

For this one, you have to bear in mind how perceptions and attitude to fashion have changed rather than the fashion itself. Set in 1941, women at the time would have almost always worn tights or stockings as being bare legged would have been seen as a bit scandalous and indecent.


Yet, not a single woman in the film is seen with a stocking, they are all bare legged. Outrageous!

9. Django Unchained

There are many deliberate anachronisms in Quentin Tarantino movies as the director often opts for style over accuracy and tries to capture an era of filmmaking rather than the era the film is set in. For example, Django Unchained has more a feel of a 70s western come Blaxploitation film about rather than an anti-slavery epic set in the 1800s.


This is evident with his lead character wearing sunglasses throughout the film. sunglasses, however, were not invented until 1925.

10. Braveheart

The supposed story of Scottish liberator William Wallace, this film is so historically inaccurate that it shouldn't really be considered the story of William Wallace at all. When it comes to the costume, though, set in Scotland, everyone is wearing kilts, the problem with this the Scots didn;t wear kilts until the 1720s.


The film is set in 1290, but like we said, this is the least of its crimes.

11. My Girl

A heartwarming American comedy-dram set in 1972, the protagonist of the piece often uses a mood ring to display how she is feeling and this crops up in several scenes. The only problem with this is that the mood ring wasn't invented until 1975 and so these scenes just don't make sense in context to the time period.


You would have thought, for such a key part of the film, more research would have been put in.

12. American Hustle

The film that sees a bunch of crooks trying to make money in a massive con is set in different time periods that covers the late 1970s and early 1980s. In it, actor and comedian Louis C.K plays an FBI supervisor called Stoddard Thorsen. In one scene Thorsen is seen wearing a Rolex 116718 GMT Master II wristwatch.


The problem is that, although the brand Rolex existed at this time, this particular model wasn't manufactured until 2010. Whoops.

13. Gladiator

Set during the height of the Roman empire, the film takes into account the life and death of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius who lived from April 26, 121 AD to March 17, 180 AD. It is undoubtedly a pretty darned good film and deserves the Oscars it won, that being said, it's still not completely devoid of mistakes.


Russell Crowe can be seen wearing lycra shorts while fighting tigers.Lycra wasn't invented until 1962.

14. Catch Me If You Can

In the thriller about a con-artist trying to elude escape, Amy Adams plays a young woman beguiled by Leonardo DiCaprio's charming fraudster character and she was a mouthful of metal whenever she smiles as she has to wear braces on her teeth. The issue being that, the film is set in the 1960s and the style of braces she is sporting weren't available until the 1970s.


It's only a small mistake but a mistake none the less.

15. Seabiscuit

Based on a true story about a small horse, the film shows the inner workings of horse racing during the Great Depression which was between 1929 and 1939. Throughout the piece, jockeys are seen sporting plastic lenses and chinstraps attached to their hats but the lenses weren't used until after WWII.


The chinstraps were introduced even later, around 1956.

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