Elton John Is Sick Of Hearing Ed Sheeran's Songs!

Celebs May 10, 2018 By Hugo

Ed Sheeran can do no wrong, and when he isn't breaking streaming records, selling out stadiums, and notching up billions of plays on YouTube, he's probably laughing all the way to the bank as pop lovers continue to buy his records. 

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However, all good things must come to an end eventually, and as we all know, the music industry is a fickle one, characterized by cyclical trends, and spectacular falls from grace and Sir Elton hasn't held back on what he honestly thinks of Ed's success.

Appearing on the British singer-songwriter George Ezra's podcast, the icon implied that the Shape of You hitmaker is in the unique situation of being able to release whatever kind of music he wants but was also keen to point out that all success in music is ephemeral- no matter how famous you get.

"You have a heyday and you have a rest, and the heyday can never be replaced," he said. "After that I had the common sense to know I'm not going to have a number one every time straight away. I knew someone else would take over. It's cyclical.

"Ed will go through that and I've talked to him about it. I've said, 'There'll come a time where this won't happen every time and you have to accept that'."

Having been a mentor to Sheeran in the early days of his career, the crooner added that he's become somewhat annoyed that Ed Sheeran dominates nearly every major music chart.

"On the [American radio] chart, which is the middle-of-the-road chart, Ed is still number one and 'Shape of You' is still in the chart. It's like, 'Why? How many times do you want to listen to these things?'" he said.

Topping the charts in his native Britain five times and twice on the lucrative US Billboard charts, Sheeran's latest album, Divide, has already sold 18m copies worldwide, but even the singer himself has admitted that such unprecedented success will inevitably bring with it a gradual decline.

"It's dangerous to have a career that goes bigger and bigger and bigger," he said in a past interview. "At some point it's going to drop - so why not control the fall?

"The next record I'm making isn't a pop album and the reason is people expect the next album to be bigger.

"If I control it and say: 'Here's a low-flying record I fucking love', then my fans will be like, 'Yay!' and the pop world will be like, 'Well, maybe the next one'.

"No one will say, 'That's a flop'. It'll just be, 'That's what he wanted to do'.

"If it does 2m, 1m or 500,000, it's not a failure because I made an album where I'm not trying to get there."

It will be interesting to see if the saccharine pop star will be true to his word and release a non-pop album. Owing to the global success of his last three records, it seems unlikely his record company will share the same sentiments.

Don't worry, Ed! Selling out isn't as bad as it seems. Just look on the bright side; for the rest of your career, you'll be able to make music with Taylor Swift.

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