Ed Sheeran Saves Tattoo Artist's Business

Celebs November 3, 2017 By Hugo

Ed Sheeran has helped save a tattoo artist's fledgeling business after the tragic loss of his baby. 

Kevin Paul, who lives with his wife Tara in the British county of Derbyshire were struggling to pay the bills following the loss of their child, and being a close friend of Ed's, he naturally confided in him about his loss and the subsequent hardships that followed. 

Shutterstock/ Christian Bertrand

However, he didn't in his wildest dreams believe that Sheran would step in the way he did. Speaking to the local paper, Kevin said, "Yes, Ed did put cash into my account. I was out of the studio for a while, and my bank balance was going down rapidly.

"I didn't ask Ed to help me. He's amazing like that. We were just talking one day. He's just the kindest guy."

Thanks to Ed's friendship and financial support, Kevin is now back on his feet and doing what he loves best. In fact, since Ed's help, he has more celebrity clients to his name, including the one and only David Hasselhoff.  

Regarding Ed's tattoos, Kevin is responsible for many of them, including the big lion on the middle of his chest, but rather than just be his tattoo artist, Kevin has built up a beautiful friendship with the hitmaker. "We go and spend time with him in the country. We watch TV, eat food and chat. He's like an uncle to my kids. How nice is that?"

It just goes to prove how nice a guy Ed Sheeran is. Despite the global fame and wealth, Sheeran appears as grounded as ever, and in the words of Kevin, "He's the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet."

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