Ed Sheeran Lands Part In Coveted Film Project

Celebs August 31, 2018 By Hugo

After a famous cameo in Game of Thrones last year, global pop star Ed Sheeran has landed another highly-coveted role, this time in Danny Boyle's latest project, All You Need Is Love.

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But the role won't be easy.  Sheeran will have to put some serious thought into the role as he is playing.... himself.

While Boyle will direct the picture, British romcom specialist Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill) will take the reigns of the screenplay, which has the working title, All You Need is Love, a music-themed comedy set in a world where only one man knows all the words to the Beatles' songs.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Sheeran said, "I got to actually kind of learn how to act. With the Game of Thrones thing, that was literally me popping in for a day and making a cameo.

"Or Bastard Executioner was me popping in for a day. But this was like full days on set, like full 12-hour days."

The main character, played by the British actor Himish Patel, plays a singer/songwriter who wakes up to find that he's the only person with any knowledge of the Beatles. Still with us? Well, the crux of the plot will see Himish's character invited on tour with Sheeran, where the story supposedly unfolds from there.

"It's very clever," Sheeran revealed, with the film set for a September 2019 release. However, filming the movie hasn't been easy for the world's number one pop star.

"They shot it around loads of my gigs," he revealed. "So it was a very intense two months. Because I would have four days of gigging and then three days of shooting a film.

"I was playing myself, so I don't think I was that bad. There wasn't much to mess up."

Already racking up an impressive amount of acting credits, the 27-year-old's other screen gigs include cameos on The Simpsons, Bridget Jones' Baby and the Aussie drama, Home and Away.

However, despite Sheeran admitting in past interviews that his initial dream was to be an actor, it seems music is now very much his number one priority. 

"I can't see myself playing an Avenger, you know? I don't really want to be actor," he added.

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