Has Ed Sheeran Driven Homeless People Away From His Home?

OMG April 16, 2018 By Hugo

Ed Sheeran has hit back at claims from a British tabloid that suggested he intended to have railings installed around his house to keep homeless people away.

A story in The Sun reported that the Shape of You hitmaker was seeking permission from his local council to build a five-foot set of railings to better guard his £8m London home.

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The singer-songwriter's building agent Paul Smith allegedly wrote in the application that the railings were necessary for “preventing opportunities for rough sleeping”.

Unsurprisingly, music's nice guy snapped back on Instagram, and labeled the story, "b******s.'

“Dear Natalie Edwards from the Sun newspaper. Your story is b******s, I have done lots of work in the past for Crisis and Shelter and would never build railings outside my home for that reason,” the 28-year-old wrote. “The reason was to keep the paps that you employ from being on my doorstep. Have a good day.”

Speaking on behalf of the star, a spokesperson explained to The Sun: “This is a standard planning application, which was not written by Ed, and it is not reflective of Ed’s views or feelings on homelessness.”

Sheeran is no stranger to homelessness. When he dropped out of high school to pursue a music career in London, he slept rough outside Buckingham Palace because his music wasn't making him enough money.

His hit single, The A-team also explored the impact homelessness had on a female drug user in London.

What are your thoughts on Ed's planning application? Do you think he was aware of the actual wording of it? Or is this story just a chance for journalists to point the finger at something we all would have done if we had Ed's kind of wealth?

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