Dr. Dre Reveals The Release Date For Eminem's New Album

OMG November 29, 2017 By Hugo

Dr. Dre has announced the release date of Eminem's upcoming album, Revival.

Em's long-time collaborator, who plucked the Detroit native from obscurity in the late 90s, shared a video on Twitter, which, in keeping with the album's prescription drug theme, was announced by a guy donned in white overalls informing viewers that Revival is not a prescription drug, but the name of Eminem's new album, which will be released on December 15th. 

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While details on the new album are lacking, Eminem did reveal on his hip-hop music channel Shade 45 that esteemed producers Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre were involved in the process, admitting, "three or four" songs were produced by Rubin, while Dre "mixed a few records." 

While many fans are no doubt excited about Revival, other fans have pined for the old "Shady" to return, though it's a grievance that the star doesn't understand. 

"I really love it when people go, 'Hey, you know, Slim Shady, Eminem and Marshall, like, they're really different, like, which one are you on this album?'" the star said,

The album was rumoured to have a release date of December 8th after Universal Music Group reportedly pushed back the album release dates of country stars Luke Bryan and Chris Stapelton to accommodate international clients, Eminem and U2. 

Do you think Revival will live up to the hype? Or are fans justified in wanting the old Shady back?

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