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Donald Trump Won The Election And The Internet Reacted In Style

LOL November 9, 2016 By Hugo

In an election of unparalleled proportions, Donald Trump was today elected as the 45th president of America. It was a victory few saw coming, with pollsters adamant that a Trump victory was as likely as their grandmother taking up windsurfing at the ripe-old-age of 90.

So what do you do when you've elected the most divisive and visceral candidate in living memory? You take to the internet and come up with some of the best memes ever.

Here are some of the best currently doing the rounds online.

1. Did a Netflix series predict the election? 

The internet is a place where the wittiest and funniest can trade insults and even be quite insightful. But in this election, all sense went out the window which is probably what this person thought when they created this great meme.


We're sure Twitter user Brendan Casey won't be watching his favourite Netflix series anytime soon...

2. Unlike many Americans, It seems Canadians won't be losing sleep anytime soon

Their well-known neighbours have long mocked them, yet such friendly banter hasn't stopped many Canadians quickly disassociating themselves from Americans, with many quick to tell others that while their accent may sound similar, they are definitely  'Canadian' and not 'American.'


And that's probably why many will be going to sleep with wry smiles on their faces, especially when it emerged that the homepage of their country's immigration department had crashed. 

3. Do you wonder?

One web user appears to be one of the many millions surprised at how the once reality TV star with a penchant for grabbing women in particular areas was elected president.


Comparing Trump's election to that of a trapped horse and a car parked atop an electronic gate, it goes to show that life can spring up things we only ever thought of in our own little universes.

4. Donald's Inferno

Donald Trump could quite easily be compared to a burning ball of flames; such is the cantankerous and mercurial nature of his personality.


So it was only a matter of time before a meme with a lone dog in a house full of flames was created.

5. Kanye for president? 

Kanye West shares many similarities to the Donald in that he is quick to say the first thing that comes to his mind, even if it means offending a whole host of people (i.e. every Taylor Swift fan). 


So if ever there was a man to challenge the President-elect it's Kanye, right? He did declare his intentions to run, after all, and we'd be surprised if he doesn't let his delusions of grandeur convince him that he, and not someone more reputable in the Democratic party, is the person for the job.

6. Bernie Sanders: The grandfather everyone wanted but couldn't have

Many thought Bernie Sanders should have won the tightly contested Democratic contest and if it weren't for a flawed system which places the most emphasis on the votes of superdelegates, he might well have won the contest and the presidential election too.


But when it comes to political jargon, no one likes to be told the same thing over and over again so instead we'll pay homage to a meme that perhaps sums up the feelings many people have for this straight-talking, Larry David-lookalike socialist.

7. He's going to make 'America great again'

How many times have we heard the same rhetoric from Donald Trump? A lot, and as well as telling his supporters he's going to 'build a wall' and 'make America great again', he hasn't offered any real insight into the political crisis in Syria, or how he intends to boost the economy's employment rates.


Alas, many were left wondering shortly after the election if they will ever hear anything concrete. According to this meme, they won't.

8. But he did help Kevin find the lobby....

Before Trump became known for sporting a red cap and an orange tan, he was a successful businessman who appeared on Home Alone in 1990. 


And yes, according to one social media user, he was gracious enough to point Kevin towards the lobby.

9. The thought most Democratic voters had when hearing the news

While Canada doesn't need to remind Americans that seeking refuge in another country because they disagree with the policies of another president is not allowed, that didn't stop one user conveying the thoughts of the 58m Americans who voted against Trump.


Yes, while the votes at the time of writing (7.00 ET) are still being counted, the popular vote for Hillary stands at 58,874,061 votes to Donald Trump’s 58,839,749. Yes, democracy is strange. More Outlandish than Canada, even. 

10. A prophetic web user knew that a Trump victory would mean only one thing 

You don't have to be a political whizz to know what a win for the more divisive candidate would mean, something this web user caught onto when predicting the news feeds of millions.


Painting a perfect metaphor of the modern-day battlefield that is social media, Twitter and Facebook are already flooded with keyboard warriors determined to make the internet great again. 

11. But in the end, there could only be one winner.......

In a country which prides itself on being the world's foremost democracy, there could only ever be one winner, even if the popular vote suggests otherwise. 


Not that Trump will care. The only thing he now cares about is showing the world how fabulous is hair and makeup team are. And to think? It all started by wrecking the party of the more established Republican frontrunners. 

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