Donald Trump Announces The Winners Of His 'Fake News' Awards

OMG January 18, 2018 By Hugo

Donald Trump has announced the winners of his 'Fake News Awards.' 

The news sparked a flurry of interest from across the world, causing the Republican Party's official website to crash briefly. 

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No doubt antagonizing the world's media with the announcement, the cantankerous president handed the American economist Paul Krugman top gong for his New York Times article which claimed that a Trump presidency would have an adverse impact on the economy. However, it is worth noting that Krugman's article was an opinion piece as opposed to a 'news' article.

Coming in at a close second was ABC's Brian Ross who made a hash of an essential piece of detail in the reporting of one-time national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Third place was awarded to CNN reporter Manu Raju, who corrected an error in his reporting of Trump's supposed access to certain WikiLeaks files.

There was also a spot reserved for "various" publications, who have speculated that Trump colluded with Russian officials in the 2018 election.

The full list, which includes a total of 11 awards, has since been given its own Wikipedia page, which can be found here.

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