Here's What Happens When Your Dogs Are Left Alone

OMG June 14, 2018 By Hugo

While it is never recommended to leave your dog at home for longer than necessary, modern life dictates that we can't always spend every moment with our beloved hounds, and even if it's just to pick up some groceries from the local store, it makes you wonder what dogs actually do when their owners are gone.

Rumble/ Pepper

Left to their own devices, and we'd assume they'd run riot as so many would. Perhaps they would even get up on both hinds and dance to a Beyonce song? Ask dog lovers yourself, and you'll probably get a mixed response, so one dog owner decided to see for herself what her adorable doggos got up to, and the results were unexpected.

Why? Because nothing actually happened.

Aside from a few cute cuddles (cuteness overload at 0.35), Pepper the Dachshund and Margo the mixed rescue proved to be two of the most behaved dogs on the planet.

The camera oversaw the bed where the owner sleeps, and after being edited, the result was 2 minutes of footage capturing the most "active" parts of their alone time.

Hardly rip-roaring craziness, but cute nonetheless, we can only assume that other dogs are far from well-behaved when their owners are away! 

Watch the cute video below and if you're a dog owner let us know in the comments how you think your dogs behave when you leave the house.


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