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Dog Proves He's A Good Boy After Mistake Makes Baby Cry

OMG September 11, 2017 By Vincent

As Disney taught us, all dogs go to heaven, but why? Because they're all good dogs, Brent!

Anyway, this is Charlie the beagle, he has a love of soft toys and playing with his owners but one day he upset the smallest member of the family by accident.

Dad filmed the incident whilst trying to entertain the baby as he shakes a soft rattle in front of them to get their attention.

Charlie has many toys like this and thinks Dad is playing with him so, rather gently , he takes the toy and places it in his own basket.

Charlie's error though has caused some distress and baby bursts into floods of tears, now Charlie isn't cold hearted so he immediately returns the toy to baby's basket.

But Charlie feels this isn't enough and so sets about desperately trying to rectify the situation.

Charlie's favorite toy is his tennis ball so he seeks that out and gives it to his friend who is now not crying at all and intrigued by his canine buddy's actions.

Charlie then trots off to find more to give to his infant friend.

Fetching a PlayStation controller, Charlie knows the other humans like to play with this so feels this smaller one will also.

Tail wagging, he gently places it in baby's chair but still it is not enough/

Charlie remembers that baby has a toy box and so seeks it out from under the crib.

Dragging it to the center of the room he then empties it one item at a time bringing them over and inundating the infant with gifts.

Finding another rattle, Charlie picks it up and gives it to baby as a rattle is what caused all of this commotion, he is sure this will be greatly appreciated.

But he does not stop there as there is still more in the box.

Charlie's gifts now begin to swamp the child as he brings over rattles and toy dolls.

The doggo even takes care to rearrange the items so as not to cover the baby's face.

Once Charlie has gifted all he can give, he goes in for a tender lick of the cheek to make sure the baby is comforted too.

Staring back at Dad, Charlie wants to know if everything is alright.

You're a good doggo Charlie and an even better friend and you have sure done well!

Beagles are typically great for families because they are playful and can be very affectionate and Charlie just proves this.

Watch the full video below and let us know your thoughts on Charlie's actions in the comments section below.


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