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Dog Steals Toy From Baby & Makes Her Cry. How He Apologizes Is Absolutely Adorable!

OMG September 11, 2017 By Vincent

Charlie the beagle is a good dog. How do we know? Because they're all good dogs, Brent!

But even good dogs can fall afoul of others on occasion and Charlie did this with the family baby when the two were enthralled by the same toy.

Trying to entertain the baby, Dad has drawn its attention to a soft rattler he is jiggling up and down and Charlie has also taken an interest in this plaything.

As Dad tries to play with Baby, rattling his colorful plush toy, in comes Charlie the Beagle, gently takes the rattler out of dad's hand and into his own bed but when baby realizes that the rattler is gone, they immediately burst into tears.

Now Charlie isn't cold-hearted and simply made a mistake and returns the rattler to ease the child's distraught cries.

He knows he has done wrong and sets about to apologize further to his friend seeking out things to gift that child as a way of making up for his folly.

First, comes Charlie's favorite toy, the tennis ball. Charlie loves playing with it so it would make logical sense that his friend will enjoy it just as much but Charlie still feels this is perhaps not enough to show him just how sorry he truly is.

He then trots off to find more to give to his infant friend.

Charlie hops up onto a nearby shelf and retrieves a PlayStation controller, something he doesn't use but knows the other humans often play with it and so figures baby would probably like it.

Tail wagging, he gently places it in baby's chair but still, he feels this is not enough to show his love.

Baby is now quite bemused by the goings on but Charlie has a brain wave and remembers there is baby's toy box kept under his crib so rushes over to pull it out.

Tugging at it with his mouth, Charlie nudges it gently over to baby but realizes baby cannot reach in on their own.

Finding another rattle, Charlie picks it up and gives it to baby as a rattle is what caused all of this commotion, he is sure this will be greatly appreciated.

But he does not stop there as there is still more in the box.

A toy doll is something Charlie has also seen baby playing with and so that gets piled on top of the other gifts, which are now rather swamping baby in their chair.

Still, the doggo takes the time to rearrange the doll nicely so it is not covering baby's face.

Once Charlie has gifted all he can give, he goes in for a kiss with his friend to show just how much he cares for them.

The good doggo then looks inquisitively back at dad as though to ask if he has done enough?

You're a good doggo Charlie and an even better friend and you have sure done good!

Beagles are typically great for families because they are playful and can be very affectionate and Charlie just proves this.

Watch the full video below and let us know your thoughts on Charlie's actions in the comments section below.


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