Disney Could Be In Talks To Buy 21st Century Fox Which Would Spell Exciting Things For Marvel!

OMG November 7, 2017 By Vincent

Rumor has been spreading that Disney is in talks with 21st Century Fox to buy their feature film and television divisions which is big, big news in many, many ways! However, it is Marvel fans who should perhaps be salivating most at the prospect as it could affect how iconic characters are portrayed on screen and may well see all the Marvel comic book characters finally brought under one umbrella.

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Current Disney CEO Bob Iger has said he will be leaving his post in the near future, but under his stewardship, the company has managed to do some staggering business that includes the acquisition of Pixar and Lucasfilm as they've looked to expand their filmmaking oeuvre and, let's be honest, toymaking arm and now it appears that Fox could be well within their sights.

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This would be big news for Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, that both fall under Disney's ownership as their biggest franchises could all be expanded and built upon with the move. Regarding Lucasfilm, it would mean that Disney would own the rights to the very first Star Wars film (A New Hope) alongside all of the other properties of which they are expanding upon with their own new films and could thus utilize it within their marketing. 

However, it is Marvel fans who should be licking their lips the most as it could see some of the most iconic Marvel characters return to their filmmaking division alongside the likes of The Avengers and Guardians of The Galaxy.


Before it had its own studio, Marvel sold the film rights to many of its characters to the bigger movie studios around and whilst Sony made off with the highly prized icon that is Spider-Man, Fox landed The Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and the X-Men but if Marvel were to once again gain the rights back to them, by buying Fox, we could then see a re-booted X-Men franchise crossed over with current Marvel titles and this would be a very exciting prospect for many fans who have watched the Marvel Cinematic Universe expand beyond the reaches most thought possible as titles have crossed-over, spun-off and built up to the epic Infinity War storyline that is soon to hit screens. 

It remains early days in the process, and the companies have a very on/off approach to conversations about the potential purchase with them not talking at the moment but nothing being off the table as of yet either. 


Fox would not sell all of their assets though and would likely keep hold of their sports and news channels but are under the impression that they can't compete with the budgets of other big studios when it comes to movie making and so are more than happy to sell up should the right offer come along but if it were to happen it raises more questions. 

Would Marvel be prepared to put out R-Rated hero movies as Fox has done with Deadpool and Logan or would that come to an end? Would the current crop of X-Men films be continued or would Marvel start from scratch? Would we see more X-Men characters in other franchise films? And what would the consolidation mean for diversity in cinema? With one less major movie studio around taking risks on bold stories, would artists suffer?

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So does this seem like a good idea to you and would you be excited at the prospect of Marvel regaining some of their characters or is it bad for filmmaking and bad for competition? Let us know in the comments below.

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