Disgraced Doctor Reveals Shocking Michael Jackson Revelation

Celebs July 10, 2018 By Hugo

Unusual Michael Jackson stories are nothing new, but the latest revelation by the disgraced former doctor of Michael Jackson is truly staggering.

Michael Jackson's former physician was eventually jailed for involuntary manslaughter following the icon's overdose of the anaesthetic propofol and would serve four years in jail despite always maintaining his innocence.

YouTube/ Inside Edition

Now, after years of keeping quiet, Murray has spoken out- though not for the reasons you might think.

Instead of lamenting his conviction, he made a startling claim against the late father and former manager of Michael, Joe, who died last month. In a clip shown by The Blast, Murray revealed that the father, who gained an infamous reputation for his cruel training methods, had his star performer 'chemically castrated' so Michael could maintain his high-pitched voice.

In an astonishing claim, Conrad said: "Joe Jackson was one of the worst fathers to his children in history.

"The cruelty expressed by Michael that he experienced at the hand of his father.

"The fact that he was chemically castrated to maintain his high-pitched voice is beyond words."

This somewhat ties into the allegations he made in 2016 where he claimed that Michael's hormone injections prevented his voice from getting any deeper.

Conrad Murray's claims against the Jacksons also saw him release a self-published tell-all book in 2016 called This Is It! The Secret Lives of Dr Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson.

Alluding to the apparent castration, Murray described Joe being 'obsessed' with preserving his son's angelic voice.  "[Jackson] began talking vaguely, seeming to have more difficulty describing precisely what happened to him. But what Michael said left me the impression that he had been given injections, probably some hormones, to delay his puberty."

However, Michael's son, Prince, rubbished the reports on Instagram, writing, "One of the things I'm going to talk about today is my grandpa about what y'all got to fucking say about him.

"So y'all can keep on talking all this shit, saying he abused my dad and all this and you'll make a YouTube video about it for sure.

"But he raised these kids right, otherwise they would have been in gangs or fucking dead.

"So go ahead, keep talking shit, but you won't ever be as great as one of that man's fucking balls."

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