Did Stan Lee Tease A Black Widow Film?

Celebs November 13, 2017 By Vincent

The Marvel character of Black Widow is one we've seen time and again in the Avenger's films as the super spy is often seen saving the day alongside the rest of the super-powered team but unlike many of the other characters she battles side to side with, she has never had her own movie but that could be about to change.


Whilst Ironman has a trilogy of films to his name, Hulk has a couple (granted with different actors than his current incarnation) and Thor with a trilogy many fans have been looking to Marvel to produce their first female-led movie for a while now as Black Window stands out as a firm fan favorite with an established place in the Marvel cinematic universe.

With the success of fierce rival's DC's Wonder Woman, many turned their attention to Marvel to pursue a project with a strong female protagonist seizing on the super spy's background as the perfect story to run with and when writer and Marvel icon Stan Lee was asked about it in a panel at Supanova Comic-Con in Brisbane this weekend (November 11), he gave an intriguing answer.


Asked if he would like to see a film focused on the superhero, Lee is reported to have replied: “One day there will be a Black Widow movie.”

This sent many fans into a frenzy thinking that the man that built arvel had just confirmed that a feature film was in the works whilst others suggested that this was just Lee putting forward his unfettered optimism that the character was too strong to continue to ignore for a film.

Scarlett Johansson currently plays the former Russian spy Natasha Romanov, codename: Black Widow, who now works for the Avenger's project and folks have been hoping to see her get a lead in a Marvel film very soon. 

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Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi recently spoke about how a Black Widow film could be approached. “[I’d like to see] Black Widow as something crazy and a bit funnier than we expect it to be,” he told io9. “Because we know her story and it’s very sullen and very dark, and her history is very dark. But! What’s the funny version of that? What’s the more entertaining version of that?

“I really go for the underdog,” he continued. “[And] I think there’s a way in with any of the characters. You just have to find it and find what honors what’s already there with the source material, but also brings it into a more entertaining form for the audience.”

Whether we will see this film in the near future remains to be seen but fans will be taking this as a positive sign. That being said, Marvel already has a lot of projects it is preparing for including the Infinity War film which will see the Avengers and Guardians of The Galaxy crossover, as well as Black Panther soon to be released, so it may take some time before they get around to Black Widow.

What are your thoughts on this, is it about time Black Widow got her own film or should Marvel focus on other projects first? Let us know in the comments below.


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