David Bowie's Son Hated Listening To His Music

Celebs March 2, 2018 By Hugo

Like father, like son is a term of endearment ascribed to fathers and sons who have a lot in common, but it appears the relationship David Bowie shared with his son, Duncan Jones, wasn't like that at all.

Promoting his new film "Mute" to podcast host and stand-up comedian Marc Maron, the director, who changed his name from Zowie Bowie at 12, said, "I never really got into music. It’s like work- watching your dad to accounting. I listen to a lot of CNN and watch a lot of news.’

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The candid confession is undoubtedly unusual as his late father is considered one of the most influential pop stars. Asked if he ever thought of going in a similar direction, he then said, "I was always interested in making films. Music didn’t feel like a natural fit.’

While not enjoying his father's music, their relationship was always healthy, despite his father's fame proving unusual. "He was a great father. I had an unusual upbringing, but not a negative one."

Jones went onto reveal that his unusual life saw him grow up faster than he should have. “I had an unusual upbringing but not a negative one.

“I was taken to see ‘A Clockwork Orange’ at too young an age. I was on the set of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth,’ in New Mexico, although I was very young for that to have an impact on me.”

Asked if he ever gets annoyed about continually being asked questions about his famous father, he comically replied, "This is my fourth film. If people bring him up on my fifth film, I am going to stab them.”

Are you a fan of David Bowie? Or, like his son, can you not see what all the fuss is about?

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