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21 Curious Dogs Who Just Want To Say HI!

LOL August 8, 2016 By Vincent

Dogs are the best. That's not an opinion, that's a statement of fact because they are loyal, playful and oh so fluffy!



What is even better is that they are naturally curious creatures that just want to say hello and whereas curiosity killed the cat, it only made the dog more adorable so here are 21 shots of happy pups just wanting to say hi!

1. Advantageous

This cheeky chappy has managed to find a good spot between the fence and the wall so he can just pop his head out and say hello to all the passers by.



He seems quite comfortable and just likes a bit of attention, whilst making the most of the cracks in the paving slabs at the back of the garden just to say 'hello'. A very good dog indeed.

2. Upsidedown Dog Wants Your Attention

This pupper has rolled over in order to fit his head under the gate to greet you so just give him the praise he deserves.



Look how happy they are to see you, just gazing into your eyes makes this good dog cheerful so make sure to gibe them a big smile when you pass, even if the silly wag bag has got himself the wrong way up.

3. A Curious Trio

These three gatekeepers won't just let anyone pass, you have to know the password...or bring treats and tummy rubs. In the meantime, they will accept head pats from those just walking past.



How did this whole come about? They don't know but it sure is clever isn't it? Whoever did create it probably deserves many hugs and walks.

4. Don't Mind Me, Just Saying Hi!

You know when you get yourself in an awkward situation and you just smile through it? Well, this is exactly what we have here, someone making the best of being caught in a bush and is just glad you're here to keep them company.



Don't let the day get you down, this happy pet may not have their paws on the ground but that's okay.

5. Hey Neighbour, How's it Going?

Many of us don't get along with our neighbors but this husky ain't picky, he loves his friends next door and will find any way to play with them, even if it means getting stuck in the fence.



There is a smile for them when they come home because they deserve it for being buddies of this furry woof floof.

6. Two Dogs Saying Hi To Each Other

What happens when two dogs want to say hi to each other? Well, one comes over to play, of course, but this tricky fence seems to be a bit of an obstacle. Don't worry about it, though, they're working on it and, in the meantime, at least they can now see each other.



Happy days for these two pawesome chums.

7. Three's A Crowd

These gorgeous siblings just wanted to say hello to the outside world so much that they've been given special head holes to see what's going on beyond the end of the garden.



They're all friendly furries and just want to watch the world go by so don't forget to say hi if you're going by because they'll really appreciate the gesture.

8. Making Introductions

"OMG, HI! We just moved in next door and I wanted to come to introduce myself. I'm so happy that you are our neighbors and I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun together."



This pup may be upside down but they know what's up and just wants to play with everyone because they deserve to have fun.

9. Desperate To Say Hello

It's a tight squeeze but totally worth it just to get a ruffle between the ears for all the hard work put into saying hi! This doggo knows they shouldn't be there but they also know that they will get away with it because they're just being friendly and it is good to make people smile.



If only they could figure out how to get back out again.

10. Greetings From Across The Street

"Hey! My humans say I can't leave the house but that's okay because I can just wag at you from over here. I hope you're having a great day because I sure am now that I've seen you. I just wanted to see what you were up to, was it coming to see me?"



Extra strokes for this champ who was a good dog for obeying commands and yet still managed to say hello.

11. I Can't See You But I Know You're There

Dogs have a sense of smell 1000x times more powerful than a human's so don't worry, although this four legged friend can't see you, they know you're there and just wanted to let you know that they are there too so they've sent their nose through to do the talking for them.



Big wet kisses for you and everyone you know.

12. Derp!

"I just wanted a kiss but this silly fence seems to have gotten in the way. It's a little awkward but I'm going to try anyway. If you would just come a little closer I can reach you. I'm so darn happy to see me, nothing can get in the way of our love...yes except the fence of course. Well, I'll just stick my tongue out and you can pretend we kissed."



13. Peekaboo! I See You

This little ball of fur has spotted you and is not letting you get away without a tail wag and a stroke of the head. Oh, gosh, they're so happy they managed to see you and grab your attention, it's just a story of great emotion with an ultimately happy ending told in just three images.



Amazing! Three cheers for this champ.

14. I Wanted To Say Hello But Now I'm Not So Sure

So excited to see you, this floppy eared floof decided to launch themselves through a bush just to let you know that they are there but now they are stuck and are not so sure about this whole situation.



Not to worry, they're sure you'll help them out because they did, after all, do this all for you and they will reward you with waggy bounces.

15. Hey Kids

This curious canine was just saying hello to their young friends when you rudely interrupted with your camera and that's why you get some fretful side-eye.



It's okay, though, once they are finished hanging out with these guys I'm sure you can become friends too, there's plenty of wags to go around, just don't be so selfish next time.

16. Is This A Bad Time?

Dogs just have so much love to give that they don't want to be without their humans for any period of time, eve if it means that they become curious about what they are up to at the most inopportune time.



At least it is good to know that they will never leave your side and these two just wanted to know they're human was ok.

17. So Happy To See You

This dog will stop at nothing in order to say hi and no fence is going to prevent that, they will just smash right through because they are just too excited knowing you are on the other side. Don't worry, their human will fix it later, they love repairing things where doggo has gone to say hi.



Super strength and a super smile.

18. Why Don't You Come Over Sometime?

This poor little pooch hasn't seen you in awhile and just wants to let you know that they are always there if you need someone's ear to scratch or want to play ball. They'll be there for you with wags at the ready, hoping you're having a good day.



Drop by whenever you're free, we have kibble and lots of bouncy balls to chase.

19. 'Sup, I'm Just Chillin'

"Me, stuck? Nah, I'm just chilling out in this tiled wall. It's my favorite place to hang out. Haha, get it? hang out? Never mind, it's just good to see you pal, fancy coming over later and spending some time in the wall? Yeah, sounds good, err...don't suppose you could just give me a little push before you go, though? Thanks."



20. What's On Your Side?

This woof knows that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, they just wanted to check it out just in case. Yeah, their side is pretty cool but what's that down the street and where are you going?



Nah, not jealous at all just waiting for my humans to come back and play, in the meantime seeing who else is out there.

When Your Friend Is A Hugger

This happy chappy is clearly a hugger but his friend seems less convinced and may just want a bit of his own personal space.


Still, it's nice when a buddy shows their affection for you.

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