10 Countries That Are Almost Impossible To Invade

FUN FACTS July 20, 2017 By Hugo

"Where to invade next?" might well be the most defining question of the 21st century ever since George W. Bush boldly declared a war on terror following the attacks on New York's Twin Towers.

But rather than dismantle the framework of terrorist ideology, the proliferation of such radical thoughts would suggest that the problem has only been exacerbated, and it doesn't look like peace on Earth will be happening anytime soon.


Still, if you're fortunate enough to live in a country that spends trillions on defence and has a geographical standing that makes it almost impossible for outsiders to invade then you probably won't ever be affected by humanity's innate ability to harm others. Here are 10 countries that are almost impossible to invade.

1. Iran 

Iran isn't exactly on good terms with many of the nation's superpowers, with the likes of America, and the more nearby countries of Turkey and Saudi Arabia more than weary of their nuclear weapons programme as well as their phlegmatic but overtly sinister former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Yet while he may no longer be in charge, current president Hassan Rouhani doesn't fare much better when it comes to international diplomacy, and with a whopping 1,658 tanks, an extensive network of underground missile bases and a rugged and mountainous landscape, invading Iran would prove highly problematic and would require the help of at least a half dozen countries if any successful inroads were to be made.

2. Australia

While you're more likely to see an Aussie necking down a can of Fosters than you are on a muddy battlefield, its geographical standing in the world makes an invasion all-but impossible. In fact, the only nation close and capable enough of mounting an attack Down Under would be the Japanese, who actually toyed with the idea of an invasion in World War Two. 

However, the two have long been allies while most of Australia's land mass is centred in the Outback, giving the Aussies vast stretches of empty desert to hide in, a realisation that quickly made the Japanese abandon any invasion.

3. Russia

The biggest nation on Earth is laden with snow and mountainous landscapes, but that didn't stop the likes of Nazi Germany attempting an invasion. Yet while the country has always boasted a premier army and a nuclear missile reserve that is now second only to America, its safety from attack lies in its death-inducing temperatures, as Nazi forces discovered during their failed seizure.

There's a saying in Russia that there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong type of clothing, and even though Hitler's army were considered the strongest in the world at the time, Russian army generals simply retreated, safe in the knowledge that the ice-cold weather would do their job for them. 

And they were right, as the fatally-ill equipped German army paid the price for not clothing their soldiers correctly, and the 1941 invasion has long been seen as a turning point in the outcome of the Second World War.

4. North Korea

North Korea is an anomaly due to it being the only place on Earth still run by a communist dictator, while its army is befitting of those seen during the communist years of Stalin's Russia, with a million active soldiers, 222 attack helicopters, and 4,200 tanks. These figures make North Korea the second largest Nato army only to America.


Most worryingly, their nuclear tests show no sign of letting up, indicating that a potential nuclear war is a possibility should countries be brave enough to tell them enough is enough. Of course, they probably won't as even someone as mercurial as Donald Trump doesn't want to see a nuclear war meaning Kim Jong-Un is likely more than safe from a Saddam Hussien-like demise.

5. Bhutan

Invading this tiny country would be easy- if it wasn't located in such a dangerous area of the Earth. Sequestered amidst the high-rise mountains of the Himalayas, Bhutan is incredibly difficult to invade, and is protected by India's 1.2m strong army.

But, hey, in all honesty, they're a pretty nice country, so it's unlikely anyone would want to invade them anyway.

6. Israel

This country has been through the ringer over the years due to its ongoing conflict with neighbours Palestine which is part of the reason why Israel has made national service mandatory since 1949.

And while only a nation of 176,000 troops, most of the population is trained for combat, meaning they could call on another 1.5m soldiers if needed.

They also have the best missile defence system in the world by shooting enemy missiles out of the sky with their own, resulting in over 90% of missile attacks being canceled out. 

7. Canada

Like Russia, Canada's endless stretches of mountains and bucolic countryside make this large nation neigh on impossible to invade, despite Canada's army not being as strong as Russia's.


But that's not to say Canada's defence system is weak- far from it. With 95,000 trained soldiers and the majority of the population living near the American border, invaders would have to likely get through America first because the only alternative would be to sail through ice-cold waters and then treck through land in the most remote parts of the country with temperatures as low as -50. 

Even then, America will probably be waiting to attack....

8. Switzerland

Since 1815, this small country in Europe has remained neutral on all global matters that don't concern their people, meaning all the powerful nations bordering it are their allies. 

So aside from making killer knives (get it?) and great clocks, there isn't much else to say about this mountainous nation other than that they love Roger Federer and that invading them would mean also contending with the likes of France and Germany.

9. Japan

Despite paying substantial reparation payments after their defeat in WWII and being home to one of the oldest civilisations on Earth, Japan remains one of the few countries on Earth never to have been invaded. 

That hasn't stopped people trying, but nothing has ever come of it, and the only weakness you could point to is their ageing population, but with military spending recently increased to $40bn, it's hardly surprising that the Japan has the most technologically advanced army on Earth.

10. America

Of course, America makes this list because if ever there was an advanced nation synonymous with guns, war and taking no prisoners, it's these guys. 

To put things into perspective, their military dominance means they have enough nuclear warheads to kill the Earth's entire population several times over, while their yearly contributions to their military budget are equivalent to the next seven highest-spending nations combined.

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Friegnting stuff, but they're supposed to be the good guys preserving a more peaceful, democratic utopia for everyone. But just don't cross them. Because, you know, they'll probably invade them if you disagree with any of their policies...

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