10 Cool Clothing Brands That Will Never Go Out of Vogue

OMG September 11, 2017 By Hugo

For centuries, the way we dress has been scrutinized and analyzed, but it's only in the last 30 or 40 years that quality, high street clothing has been introduced to the mass market. Not only has this allowed those with less money to invest more in their appearance, but it's also changed the way fashion now operates, with high street retailers catering to those of all shapes, sizes and incomes.

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With that said, good quality high street stuff still isn't cheap, but it's certainly affordable, and as these ten clothing brands have demonstrated, their dominance in the last few decades suggests that customers will return to their stores for years to come.

Here are ten clothing brands that will never go out of vogue. 

1. Vans

Until the mid-2000s, Vans were very much a brand of trainer that belonged to skateboard enthusiasts and beach-loving hippies with luscious locks of platinum blonde hair. They always had a fresh and alternative vibe about them yet despite success in their native America; it wouldn't be until the company joined forces with VF Corporation in 2004 that the brand took off abroad.

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As well as now being sported by nearly every celebrity going, Vans are worn by most fashion conscious youngsters, particularly teenage boys, something showcased to comic effect when a video of a teenage boy pointing at his friend's white Vans and saying  'Damn Daniel' went viral.

2. Nike

Nike is synonymous with cool, urban clothing ever since Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded the company in 1964, but its main area of expertise has always been footwear.

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Whether it's the Nike Airmax, Nike Dunk, Nike Airforce, Nike + or their wildly successful collaboration with Michael Jordan's brand 'Air Jordan', Nike's game-changing designs have monopolized the trainer industry despite competition from a host of other established brands. There's also their lucrative endorsements with various top-level athletes, which only adds to the glamour of the company.

3. Herschel 

Herschel Supply Company has seen its backpacks worn adopted by the social glitterati, with the bag being a favorite with hipster students, banking graduates fashion-conscious celebrities.

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The diversity of the celebrities wearing them is quite incredible, with everyone from Zac Efron, Kanye West, Andrew Garfield and Raekwon all pictured wearing them. 

Speaking to The Guardian about the company, which was taken over by two brothers following their grandfather's death, Tego Sigel, editor of youth magazine RWD said, "Herschel is pretty cool. It's probably the top backpack brand. Very subtle minor detailing. Decent price points. Obviously branded, but not in an obvious way. It's a post- Kanye thing." 

4. American Apparel 

Despite recently declaring significant job cuts in most of its stores, American Apparel is adamant that it will continue to do business, despite profits markedly decreasing since the turn of the decade. 

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That said, the hipster-favourite brand will always have a market for those seeking quality and stylishly refined clothing at an affordable price, with its hoodies still being among the most popular on the high street. 

5. Levi's 

While Levi's made their name in the jeans department (and continue to do with an older generation), their jackets have become increasingly desirable in recent years, with the indie/boyband/hipster look a favorite among the teen and young 20 somethings.

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And that isn't hard to see why. Levi's isn't only an iconic brand; it instantly elevates your profile, making you feel like a rockstar when in reality you're likely a well-dressed student with crippling debts, as Jonathan Cheung, Levi's senior vice president of global design explained, "I can't think of any other piece of clothing that's been worn by so many people from all walks of life, either gender, any nationalities, from miners to rock stars; Steve Jobs to Rihanna."

6. Converse

Like Vans, Converse has been a favorite among skaters, though the brand itself existed long before its aforementioned rival. In fact, the company dates back to 1908, with their most famous shoe, the Chuck Taylor Converse being one of the first basketball shoes of its kind when manufactured in 1923. So iconic is the shoe that when Americans were asked to name the one trainer that characterises American lifestyle more than any other, the Chuck Taylor Converse polled highest. 

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Of course, it isn't only shoes Converse sells. Their famous blue-star logo is found on most clothing, from jogging bottoms, tees, and snapbacks to jumpers, socks, and underwear.

7. Adidas Originals

While Adidas may lag behind Nike in its quest for global domination, Adidas still does alright for itself. The Adidas Gazelle, for instance, which comes under the company's Adidas Originals label, is one of the world's best-selling trainers.

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Indeed, while Adidas's main focus is sports apparel, their more fashion-focused Adidas Originals division does well with the youth market, making favorites like the Adidas Originals T-shirt a staple part of boys and girls' wardrobes.

8.  Asos

Asos may not be instantly recognizable when you're walking down New York's Time Square, but you can bet your bottom dollar that at least 10% of the people you pass are wearing something they purchased from the online juggernaut.

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Whether it's their brand or that of another, Asos has revolutionized the way customers buy their clothes, with your desired item likely to be found in their search box. Better still, the company offers free delivery and returns; a policy few other websites can afford.

9. Air Jordan

Owned by Nike, the Jordan brand accounts for a significant percentage of the Oregon-based corporation's yearly revenue, though the man himself, basketball legend Michael Jordan, receives the lion's share of the profits after his agent, David Falk, suggested he get into the trainer business. 

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Taking Falk's advice, Jordan sought the help of legendary trainer designer Peter C. who came up with the Jumpman logo and concept for the very first Air Jordan trainer. The collaboration with Jordan soon saw demand for the Nike-produced trainer rocket, and ever since the Jordan brand has only grown.

10 North Face

North Face quickly established itself as the world leader in camping gear, though their coats, once ridiculed for being a favourite among geography teachers, are now donned across the globe.


The appeal of this half dome logo, which now stretches to the louche dwellings of hipster neighbourhoods as well as the bucolic settings of middle-class camping enthusiasts, has to be one of the only brands in the world to have such crossover appeal. 

In fact, North Face's advertising campaigns stick primarily to what their gear was intended for, though with collaborations with Supreme and other urban brands in recent years, the jackets became an unlikely hit with younger consumers. Dazed magazine went as far as theorising that North Face's citified and more mainstream success may have been spawned from a 1993 music video by Wu-Tang clan, which saw a  North Face Tech Steep jacket being worn in the video for their hit single Method Man.

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