10 Common New Year's Resolutions That Everyone Breaks

LOL December 5, 2017 By Hugo

As we prepare to offer a warm embrace to 2018, many of us will have already thought of New Year's resolutions that best suit our hopes for the year ahead. But let's face it: most of us won't follow through on them, and according to a 2013 study from Forbes, only 8% of people will achieve their resolutions.


So with that in mind, and to make you feel even less hopeful for the new year, we've compiled 10 of the most commonly broken resolutions. 

1. Lose Weight 

Barring those with turbo-charged metabolism, others have to contend with weight gain every day, which can prove difficult when many work in jobs that require little mobility. So what do most do? They promise themselves this year will be different. They won't let their busy schedules determine how they look. They will eat salads instead of KFC. Drink water instead of coke. Heck, some might even sign up to a gym


But January is cold. Salads suck, and HBO and Netflix still exist which leads many to the consensus that another year won't hurt. After all, there's always next year, right?

2. Quit Smoking

Despite being well aware of the dangers the nasty habit poses, for smokers, there's nothing like the light relief a cigarette, and when you've got a habit, it can prove hard to kick, especially if your life continually poses problems. 

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You may even see a blackened pair of lungs on a cigarette packet and promise yourself that next year will be different, but in reality, you know that it won't.

3. Learn Something New

Wouldn't it be cool to learn a new language? Or take an evening class in creative writing? Perhaps you might even be toying with the idea of enrolling on a degree course at your local community college. Whatever it is, it will probably be something uber-cool that you wish you could do. So what do you do? You set a particular goal that could easily have been made at any other time in the year and make it your New Year's resolution.


However, you soon realise that self-improvement requires hours of commitment, time that could be better served in a bar or in front of a screen.

4. Save Money  

Even after most of us are broke following our ever-burgeoning Christmas generosity, it's still easier to pay $5 for a Starbucks than it is making the stuff and bringing it to work in a flask. It's the little things, but they add up, and yet we know this, and even after promising that we will start shopping on the cheap instead of buying tasty takeouts, we just can't seem to kick these indulgences, even if we make saving money a resolution.


Oh well, there's always your overdraft to fall back on. And a life crippled with financial insecurity.

5. Spend More Time With Family

Whether you love them or loathe them, family is the most important thing we have, and at Christmas, we usually realize this and make sure our resolutions reflect this.

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Though spending a week with the family as they ask you if you ever think you'll get married and why you still haven't got that promotion will most likely drive you to madness and quickly break that resolution. And in all honesty, we don't blame you.

6. Explore New Places

With working hours longer than ever and wages seemingly only ever decreasing, it can be a major hassle to find the time, let alone the money to go somewhere new and exciting which may go some way to explaining why exploring new places is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions on this list. And it has good reason to be. One of the best things you can do in life is travel.

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But then again, partying loads, and indulging in clothes and takeaways doesn't help when it comes to saving for that backpacking trips across Europe you said you'd go on when you were 18. 

7. Be Less Stressed

Unless you're super chill and someone who's always calm and composed- even when faced with a knife-wielding axe-murderer- you're probably prone to stress and even anxiety which sucks. So it's little wonder people making being less stressed a New Year's resolution.

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Yet life's stresses will never go away, and no matter how hard you tell yourself otherwise, you'll likely return from your holidays and be confronted by stacks of paperwork. And then you'll realise your resolution was pointless.

8. Volunteer

We all like to think of ourselves as selfless individuals who have the interests of everyone at heart, but when push comes to shove, it's hard to put those idealistic thoughts into action. You may even make volunteering your New Year's resolution, but after the giddy feeling of Christmas fades away and you've watched It's A Wonderful Life one too many times, being kind and charitable almost becomes an ephemeral concept. 

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And that's not to say that you're all horrible people. It's just the reality of modern-day life. How many of us volunteer at soup kitchens once we're back to work? Or take time out of our busy weekends to help children rebuild their lives in a hostel as opposed to drinking at the pub with our mates? Not many. 

But if you do have a burning desire to help: don't make volunteering a resolution. Make it something you do because you feel they need the help, not because you feel an extraordinary sense of self-worth for making such a 'selfless' resolution.

 Not that we're judging you..... 

9. Drink Less

Drinking allows us to be giddy and happy and lower our inhibitions in a world riddled with social conventions. But... it costs a lot.

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In fact, if you drink bucketloads, you can probably account for alcohol being the primary source of your financial outgoings, and if you have a large group of friends, drinking can become a costly habit, not to mention one that can quickly spiral out of control. So we promise ourselves, when the clock strikes 12, that we will get into the habit of buying orange juice and lemonade instead. But then again, one drink won't hurt, will it?

10. Find A Partner

Last but not least, this resolution is made by many, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't made finding a partner their resolution at least once in their life.

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It sounds desperate, but it's painfully true, especially when you're single and see other happy couples kissing during the countdown like their lives depended on it. 

With that said, the world isn't a wish granting factory, even when it comes to New Year's resolutions, and after starting the new year with a couple of average Tinder dates, we once again find out that finding The One won't be a reality that's likely to occur anytime soon.

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