10 Classic Retro Video Games That Made You Rage Quit Every Time!

LOL September 26, 2017 By Vincent

There were some really, really great video games back in the day but long before the save feature became commonplace, games were designed to hate the player not help them, and every so often, one would come along with a section so hard you would often leave it uncompleted or just straight up quit because it was so infuriating.

That didn't make it a bad game, just horribly hard and here we remember them with a fond sort of rage.

1. Star Wars: Shadows of The Empire

This was a cool game that gave you an alternative storyline in the Star Wars world of the original trilogy where you played Han Solo's mate. It was so cool, but almost from the very first level the game hated you and wanted to cause you pain when you get to the end and are trapped in a small room with an AT-AT with just a pistol.

If you did get past that you then had a bit where you had seconds to run across an area of cracking and splitting ice. Then there was a level where you were on a speeding train and had to jump over and duck obstacles at stupid speeds and then you had to battle a killer robot that had such good aim it basically hit you wherever you were. 

Then, you have to ride hoverbike through narrow streets so fast that you can't even see what's coming at you. It was horrible, and we imagine many controllers were smashed to pieces at any one of these sections, and it only got harder and harder!

2. Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Most won't remember this game as particularly hard right up until you reached the final boss. With no save points and limited lives, you had to collect rings to prevent you from losing a life, but every time you took damage you would lose these rings. Simple enough until you had to battle Metal Sonic who was hard to beat but not impossible and you'd usually end up losing all of your rings.

Image: BagoGames/Flickr.com

Fair enough, until you realize he isn't the final boss and you are launched into a final battle with a giant, missile launching robot probably without any rings and only a few lives left. What made it worse was that this was the end of the game and so many people never beat it because it was just too hard. You were so near and yet so far!

3. Contra

This game was one of the best titles on the original NES and was a pretty cool shooter at the time, but it was notoriously difficult to complete with limited lives, limited ammo, and enemies coming from all sides.

In fact, whisper it into the ear of anyone of a certain age who used to play it, and they may well still fly into a rage at how unfair it all was!

4. Mike Tyson's Punch Out

We're not convinced anyone completed this game, and if you say you did, you're a filthy liar! Getting through it wasn't too bad, but then Mike Tyson himself was impossible to defeat...was it even possible to beat him.

We get that it was his name and likeness on the box but come on guys; he had too much health and power to even get close to beating him!

5. Battletoads

Battletoads was awesome. An unashamed rip-off/spoof of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and with one of the best titles around it was great fun until you reached level 3.

It was an infuriating puzzle about...well, we don't know what as we never solved it. Darn toads!

6. Dark Souls Series

The Dark Souls series is known for being hard, but most of the gameplay is at least fair in its doling out of punishment. That being said, the Capra Demon in the first game is by no means fair as you have to approach its lair and cannot leave once you are in it. The tiny arena gives the lumbering, goat-headed beast, wielding two massive swords that can cut you to pieces in a matter of two or three hits.


What's worse is that the demon has two dogs that can stun you enough to allow ample time for the demon to attack, and once you've seen them off, you still need to get close enough to do it damage. Horribly hard, to the point that there are probably many saved versions of the game that never got past that point as gamers just quit in frustration.

7. Aladdin

On both the SNES and the Sega Genesis, this game was an awesome sidescroller that let you play the hero of Disney's classic movie. It was pretty cool, as you got a rad sword, got to ride on magic carpets and relive one of the best Disney films ever.

However, reaching level seven, you had to surf on the magic carpet through a crumbling cave that is dropping rocks that you have to dodge. It sounds simple enough but the rocks were massive, and it was nearly impossible to avoid them without falling off the carpet and into the lava below.

8. Pokemon Yellow

The Pokemon games were, for the most part, pretty systematic and if you knew the rules (electric beats water, water beats fire, etc.) you could pretty much master them but Pokemon Yellow cashed-in on everyone's love of Pikachu making him your default Pokemon and thus, usually, the most powerful one as you train it from the very beginning.

Image: Israel./Flickr.com

Why then, was the very first gym leader a Rock Type trainer? Rock always beats electric type Pokemon which is what Pikachu was, and you would usually see your favorite little friend destroyed as you scrabbled around for much weaker backup Pokemon.

9. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

One of the longest-running RPG series in Japan, it took a while for Western gamers to get their hands on this but its success paid dividends when more and more sequels were launched globally.

One of the hardest bosses in Nocturne is The Matador character who is designed to make sure you are using debuff spells and making sure you make the most of the elemental magic that has to be carefully chosen.

Without planning and considerable forethought, your whole team can be wiped out in a few hits as the character can launch attacks that affect everybody. Many consider him near impossible to get past, but those with the right tactical knowledge can see of The Matador with skill and cunning.

10. Chrono Trigger 

Chrono Trigger is an immense, beautiful and complex game that was designed to near perfection and is as challenging as it is complete. The final boss fight is against the mighty sorcerer Magus who uses defense spells left, right and center and changes his weakness to specific elementals with each attack, so a single tactic will not work.

His defense can only be lowered by Frog's sword which means he is forced into the striker position which limits his ability to use healing magic, something you desperately need in a battle like this. The thought and complexity put into the final fight are typical of the game and adds to its brilliance, but it is still a hard one to beat.

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