The Internet Can't Handle Christian Bale's British Accent At The Golden Globes

OMG January 8, 2019 By Hugo

Hollywood actors are actors. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, unless you happen to be one of those actors blessed with ridiculously good looks, incredible charisma and immense acting talents. Come to think of it; these life-isn't-fair-talents counts for most A-list stars and one actor who proves no exception to this is the method acting hero, Christian Bale.

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Picking up a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture at Sunday night's Golden Globes ceremony for his role as Dick Cheney in Vicethose in attendance welcomed Bale's win with rapturous applause, but for those watching at home, their reaction was slightly more puzzled.

While accepting his award, Bale broke character (yes, he's also a real person) and spoke humbly in his natural British accent, leaving social media stunned.

One tweet read: "Was Christian Bale always a cockney chimney sweep???? I don't believe his accent."

Another twitter user expressed similar disbelief at Bale's Britishness. "I've never heard his real voice so this is quite the surprise haha."

Anyway, the surprise somehow turned into a debate about Bale's actual British heritage. One user pointed out that Bale's accent was Welsh as he was born there.

That may be true, but Bale was raised in Surrey- a county close to London- for most of his childhood.

"That is NOT a Welsh accent," one person corrected "It's a faux East London accent. It's not the natural accent of someone who grew up in Wales and Surrey."

As the debate ensued, the Internet seemingly wasn't paying much attention to Bale's actual speech, in which he thanked "Satan" himself for his award.

"Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration for playing this role," he said, perhaps in recognition of the arriviste powerplay involved in Dick Cheney's rise through the American political system.

However, Bale knew that above even Satan, it was his wife and children who he owed the most gratitude to. 

"She knows the dumb crap that can come out of my mouth at times," he said. "I can sink and ruin a perfectly good movie and so-so career in one speech. So thank you for that advice, my love."

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