Cheeky Squirrel Makes Friends With Dog, Makes Crucial Mistake

LOL December 10, 2018 By Hugo

This is the adorable moment a confused squirrel readies itself for winter by burying his nut in a place that isn't too suited to storing acorns! 

The cheeky, and some would say silly rodent, made a new furry friend in the form of a droopy-eyed doggo, but instead of using his new friend for companionship, the squirrel's scheming, manipulative ways are soon revealed in a hilarious video.

In a moment that will be sure to make you laugh all day long, the conniving fluffball places the acorn gently into the dog's shaggy coat, only to find that it isn't best suited to storing acorns!

Using its flailing little paws, all it can do is hope for the best as the bemused dog looks on wondering what on earth it's doing.

Watch the brilliant clip below and let us know if you've ever seen a squirrel do something similar in the comments below.


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