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15 People Who Took Extreme Revenge On Their Cheating Partners

LOL December 6, 2016 By Hugo

Cheating sucks, and being on the receiving end of it is even worse. But then again, unfaithful partners are ubiquitous to all corners of the globe, and in an era where finding a potential partner takes little more than a flick of the finger, it's little wonder divorce rates are going through the roof.

But marriages aren't the only relationships riddled with infidelity. All types are, and while many couples find themselves deeply in love, the feeling often fades, leaving many to look for it elsewhere. Only, in these 15 cases, that decision backfired. Majorly. 

Here are 15 extreme examples of those who got their own back on their unfaithful partners. 

1. Paul's Wife Thought It Best To Advertise His Infidelity To The Whole Town

The saying goes that it's only cheating if you get caught, a juvenile motto that was no doubt running through Paul's mind when he continued his illicit affair. 


But women always have a way of finding out, and instead of coming clean, Paul's naughtiness ended in his wife playing him at his own game.

2. If You Cheat On Your Wife There's A Strong Chance She'll Make You Sell The House

After Elle Zober's husband of 10 years had left her for a 22-year-old yoga instructor, she decided to take matters into her own hands and sell the family home. Funnily enough, the now single mother of two from Charlotte, North Carolina admitted that her husband helped with the placard.


Reciting their 10 years together on a website she specially designed to promote and sell the house, Zober, who insisted in the advert that 'Adulterers Need Not Apply', wrote, "'We did everything right. Married ten years. Two kids: one perfect boy, one bouncy, perfect baby girl. We had almost no debt outside of our cars and we bought a house…. but, as with many marriages, our story ends in divorce. I’m not sure how this all happened… but, all I can is that as soon as your husband/wife starts using new texts languages like :/, or starts talking to you like a college kid…. check your phone bill – you’re probably going to be in for a surprise.'

3. A Packers Fan Gets Her Own Back On Her Cheating Boyfriend By Depriving Him Of Tickets 

Any Packers fan will tell you that supporting their famous team is a way of life, and to not follow them is akin to committing a crime. But when you cheat, even fellow fans will have little sympathy, and that includes your girlfriend. 


Watching the match live with a placard that read 'MY CHEATING EX BOYFRIEND IS WATCHING FROM COUCH INSTEAD', we can't imagine how jealous he must have felt. Good job! 

4. A Wife Forced Her Husband To Wear A Sign Admitting His Infidelity 

If you still love your partner and can't bear to be without them, despite their infidelity, then you can always be creative with your punishments and make sure they never do it again.


Yes, if they're begging for a second chance, it may be worth taking a similar approach to William's wife, who forced her husband to stand next to one of the most congested areas in the town for over two hours as he let everyone know what a massive douche he is.

5. A Yard Sale Ensues Following An Illicit Relationship From The Husband

Instead of selling your lovely family home just because of painful memories, it might be less stressful and more fruitful to sell everything in the house.


In a sign which reads 'Wife Caught Husband Cheating Everything Must Go!", it goes to show that even in love's darkest moments, a broken heart can at least present financially lucrative opportunities. 

6. A Joint Bank Account Can Terrible Backfire

Money problems/disputes are often a primary factor in a married couple's divorce, but in this case, the joint bank account presented a different kind of problem.


Rather than care about their finances, Steven seemed more preoccupied with entertaining his mistress, something his ex-wife Emily eventually discovered. Hiring an advertising board to showcase her disdain for his actions, Emily admitted that as well as leaving him, she had also paid for the board with the couple's bank account.

7. A Psychotic And Heartbroken Lover Express Her Rage And Sadness In A Way Most Can Relate To

If you've been cheated on, then you can understand why this person went full-on psycho and tore every possession of their partner's to pieces. After all, as many of you will always probably attest, it feels good, right?


Admittedly, love makes us do bad and often ill-judged things, but when it's a human emotion that everyone feels, who can blame them? 

8. 'Tell Your GF Your Wife And Kids Say Hi' 

In another act of shameless revenge, one mother thought it best to grab her man's attention by writing on the back of his car. 


While spelling 'you're' incorrectly, we can forgive this irate wife for being on the receiving end of her hubby's wrong actions.

9. Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Smelly

Many have different opinions on the story behind this woman's tattooed turd. Given to her by her tattooist boyfriend, Ryan Fitzjerlad, he had initially promised to tattoo an image from the popular fantasy series Narnia but took it upon himself to do something entirely different. 


Instead, he tattooed a massive pile of poo with flies hovering nearby after discovering she had been having an affair with a long-time friend. After his angry ex-girlfriend posted images of the tattoo online, the story quickly went viral, and Rossie Brovent soon filed a $100,000 lawsuit against him.

10. An Unwitting Homewrecker Informs The Boyfriend Of His Girlfriend's Unfaithfulness

Nobody likes a homewrecker, and when you see your partner hit on countless times in clubs it can be enough to make your skin crawl. But in the case of this more honest individual, the circumstances were different.


Seemingly out of town, the dude, according to his note at least, was only informed she was in a relationship with someone else after they hooked up. Doing the noble thing, a fellow brother helped another by placing a secret note revealing his girlfriend's misdemeanours in the only place she wouldn't look: under the toilet seat. 

11. A Warning Sign For Woman Coming Into Contact With A Serial Heartbreaker Was Issued Near His Home

It can't be fun waking up in the morning only to discover your face emblazoned across a poster describing you as a "COLD HEARTLESS LETCH WHO PREYS ON SINGLE WOMAN." But if you're going to treat women that way, you need to deal with the consequences.


Not that we're giving you any ideas....

12. One Girlfriend Gave Her Cheating Boyfriend A Memorable Christmas Present

Christmas is a time of being grateful for what you have and giving generously to those closest to you, but you can be forgiven for turning the spirit of giving into something more sinister when you've been cheated on. 


One woman named Cassy, for instance, printed out all the dishonest text messages from her boyfriend's phone, and wrapped them up for him to open on Christmas Day. Awkward..... 

13. A Cheating Man's Boat Is Defaced With Obscenities

If your hubby owns a posh boat that he loves more than himself than you can bet your bottom dollar he'd be upset if you defaced it with every word in the dictionary synonymous with his cheating ass. 


Unsurprisingly, the word 'CHEATER' appears more than once.

14. Infidelity Can Bring Many Insecurities To The Table... Or In This Case, The Car

While a famous royal by the name of Pippa Middleton has an impressive bottom, we're almost certain the woman in question wasn't her. 


Still, we can't help but laugh at this brazen display of anger. It's almost enough of a warning to make sure guys never cheat again. Not that that will ever happen.

15. If You're Going To Cheat Be Prepared To Say Goodbye To Your Apple Products

Apple products are the best of their kind, and as well as making you look like a pretentious novelist whose only care in the world is that of the fictional narrative of James Joyce, they also have many programmes and apps that other devices don't. Unless they fall in the toilet...


As you can probably decipher, a boyfriend wasn't very nice to his girlfriend and paid for it with the loss of thousands of dollars worth of Apple products. Moral of the story: Never cheat on a girlfriend living in proximity to your valuable possessions.

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