Charles Manson Involved In Nightmare On Elm Street Prequel

OMG May 9, 2018 By Hugo

Charles Manson may have passed away, but that hasn't stopped him making headlines after a script for an unreleased story in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise which unmasked him as the real killer was put up for sale on eBay.

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Naturally, you can see why the prequel was never given the light of day, despite being written by the acclaimed actor John Saxon, who played Lieutenant Donald Thompson in the 1984 horror movie.

The script had the running title, How the Nightmare on Elm Street All Began. and while Freddie Kruger is mentioned, most of the text revolved around Manson and began in 1969- long before the events in the first film.

In a stunning turn of events, Craven's script intended to portray Freddy Krueger as therapist wrongly accused of killing children while the real culprit, Charlie Manson, roams free.

The outlandish script would probably have rustled a lot of feathers had it ever been given the green light by a studio, but with Manson's recent death, it's unlikely a big studio would want to attach themselves to such a controversial script.

The script has since fetched around $350, which isn't actually that much when considering the history behind Manson and the movie, the latter of which set the trend for a growing number of slasher films.

What are your thoughts? Was Saxon's script worthy of an adaptation? Or was it absolute nonsense?

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